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Enjoy the Cooler Months with Reds from Roussillon


Stay Warm with Reds from France’s Sunniest Region

roussillon-winesNew York, NY, October 25th 2016 – With the change in the color of leaves comes another one: the color of your wine. Brace the cooler months and gear up for the holiday season with a selection of bold reds from Roussillon. With a 177% increase in export volumes to the USA since 2010, Roussillon wines will continue to make a splash.

Roussillon, celebrated for its diversity of terroirs, low-yielding vines and exemplary organic viticulture, is also recognized for its palette of high-quality reds. Produced using various techniques, Roussillon reds offer a wide array of aromas, flavors and textures, which will delight every taste bud and suit all occasions; from fall dinners to winter festivities.

IGP Côte Catalanes presents a range of great-value wines from up-and-coming terroirs. For a racy full-bodied red with a powerful nose, a vigorous bouquet of red berries, smoked notes and great length in mouth, choose the Boreal from Domaine Gilles Trouillier. No need to rush to enjoy it: this 100% Syrah ages beautiful and can be kept for the perfect occasion.

Tip for all pescatarians: the Domaine La Tour Vieille Collioure La Pinède, produced on schistous soils that generate flavorful grapes and, in turn, velvety and supple wines, pairs beautifully with fish dishes. While it can be drunk young, it can also be sipped years later, as the wine’s boldness and structure evolve overtime.

If you only think of Fortified Sweet wines when you hear about the Maury appellation, you’re in for a wonderful surprise: Maury is also home to characterful dry red wines, such as the Chateau Saint-Roch cuvée Kerbuccio. A full-bodied red blend, it presents a floral and fruity profile, yet expresses notes of earth and charcoal. Pop a bottle of this rich and intense wine and be sure to impress your guests.

When in search of wine perfection for your dinner parties, look for the Cru mention on the label. Applied to specific vineyards, it refers to terroirs that produce the very best grapes, within a defined production zone, including Maury Sec and Collioure. For these “crème de la crème” wines, try Hecht & Bannier Côtes du Roussillon Villages. Endowed with an intense ruby color, it presents woody, yet fruity and spicy notes that linger on the finish. For similar spicy flavors yet more mineral notes, choose the Côtes du Roussillon Villages Domaine de Bila-Haut L’Esquerda from M. Chapoutier. Meaning “the fault in the rock” in Catalan, L’Esquerda will take you to the core of Roussillon’s granitic soils in a simple sip.

Santé, and bon voyage!


About Wines of Roussillon

Shaped like an amphitheater and nestled in the South of France between Spain, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees & the Corbières Mountains, Roussillon is known for its diversity of wines & terroirs. The region’s unique geology and microclimates allow each of the 23 authorized grape varieties to reach its fullest expression in these soils. Bringing together a small community of 2,200 (young) winemaker families, 25 cooperative cellars & 345 private ones, the sunniest region of France produced 22 M gallons in 2015. With its unique patchwork of micro-terroirs, Roussillon offers a diverse range of wines in all colors (14 PDOs & 3PGIs) including dry still wines and Vins Doux Naturels (Fortified Sweet Wines). Export figures to the US market in volume are constantly increasing since 2010 (+117% in volume in the five last years and +15% for the price). In 2015 US market share represents 11% of Roussillon exportations in volume. United States is now the fourth largest export market (in volume) for dry wines in the world and the first export market for Fortified Sweet Wines outside the EU. Most of the region’s exports are dry red & rosé wines (87%), followed by Vins Doux Naturels (8%) and dry white wines (5%). www.winesofroussillon.com/

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