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“Pisco Punch: A Cocktail Comeback Story” to World-Premiere as Closing Film at 2016 Napa Valley Film Festival


Pisco Punch Movie PosterAnchor Distilling Company and BarSol Pisco announce that “Pisco Punch: A Cocktail Comeback Story” will have its world premiere as the closing night film at the Napa Valley Film Festival on Sunday, November 13, 2016.

“Pisco Punch: A Cocktail Comeback Story” tells the story of one of the world’s great forgotten spirits: Peruvian pisco. In the late 19th century, pisco was the most celebrated spirit in the western United States. Calamitous political developments in its native Peru caused pisco to disappear until relatively recently when it made a remarkable comeback. Directed by Anchor Distilling Company’s Executive Director of Education, Alan Kropf, this beverage documentary provides viewers with an illuminating look at pisco’s history and heritage. Through the eyes of the world’s greatest pisco producers, including BarSol founder Diego Loret de Mola, the film captures the full depth of what pisco represents, and reintroduces the spirit of a nation, one cocktail at a time. The film will be released on iTunes in 2017.

The Napa Valley Film Festival Closing Party, sponsored by Anchor Distilling Company, BarSol Pisco, and Prom Peru, will be held immediately following the screening at the Napa Valley River Front Promenade (4th St, Napa, CA 94559). The party will feature Pisco tasting stations and Pisco Punches from top bartenders from the Bay Area.


Uptown Theatre
1350 Third Street
Napa, CA 94559


Sunday, November 13, 2016
Red Carpet – 5:00 p.m.
Screening (run time is 75 minutes) – 5:30 p.m.
Napa Valley Film Festival Closing Party – 7:30-11:00 p.m.

WHO: Filmmaker and Anchor Distilling Company’s Executive Director of Education Alan Kropf, Anchor Distilling Company President Dennis Carr, and documentary subjects including BarSol founder Diego Loret de Mola and some of the biggest names in cocktail culture like Tony Abou-Ganim and Francesco Lafranconi.  


The film visits BarSol’s distillery, which has lead the pisco renaissance into the modern age with the revitalization of the historic Bodega San Isidro in the Ica Valley region of Peru, long recognized for its pisco production. The pride of the distillery is the century-old, original estate-owned copper pot stills that are used to make all of BarSol’s premium piscos. BarSol was founded 15 years ago and brought to the United States in 2005, led by Loret de Mola’s pioneering vision to bring back his homeland’s national spirit.

“Anchor Distilling Company calls San Francisco home and has been at the forefront of the craft distilling movement in this city and in America,” says Dennis Carr, president of Anchor Distilling Company. “The Pisco Punch is one of our city’s iconic cocktails, the ‘It’ cocktail of its day, a time when Peruvian pisco was at its height of popularity in the western United States. With the release of ‘Pisco Punch: A Cocktail Comeback Story,’ we at Anchor are excited to share our passion for the rich histories and colorful stories behind our portfolio. This documentary, directed by our Executive Director of Education and featuring our brand-partner, BarSol, a pioneer brand of Peruvian pisco, provides an opportunity for bartenders and consumers to learn more about the power of pisco and we look forward to sharing BarSol’s story, one Pisco Punch at a time.”

Pisco was a celebrity in San Francisco’s pre-Prohibition age. Thanks to the 1848 Gold Rush, the West Coast’s population ballooned and shipments from Peru increased dramatically, granting pisco a period of immense popularity. During the 1870s, the Pisco Punch cocktail was by far the most popular drink in San Francisco and the epicenter for consumption was the Bank Exchange Saloon, where then head bartender and owner Duncan Nicol is credited with inventing the legendary Pisco Punch. Even the death of Nichol in 1926, who never divulged the actual recipe, and the efforts of Prohibition did not quench the public’s thirst for this drink. Variations of it remained popular into the 1970s and today you can find the Pisco Punch gracing drink menus throughout San Francisco and beyond.

The film features leading bartenders and drink writers from around the world, such as Dale DeGroff and Jim Meehan. The film also includes interviews with the founder of Campo de Encanto Pisco, Duggan McDonnell; Master Distiller of Pisco Porton, Johnny Schuler; and founders of Macchu Pisco, Melanie and Lizzie Asher.

For more information visit: http://www.piscopunchmovie.com/ or follow the film on Instagram @piscopunchmovie

About BarSol Pisco

BarSol Pisco was conceived by Diego Loret De Mola and Carlos Ferreyros with the help and support of the Mendiola family, who claim more than three generations of pisco making from the very same estate where BarSol is produced today, Bodega San Isidro. BarSol leads the pisco category, exporting pisco to the USA since 2005. BarSol Pisco is crafted in small batches and distilled to bottle proof; neither water nor any other ingredients are added, thereby creating the finest product produced under the SOL of Ica, one glass at a time. For more information, please visit: www.barsolpisco.com and follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter @BarSolPisco.

About Anchor Distilling Company

Named the 2015 Icons of Whisky Importer of the Year by Whisky Magazine, Anchor Distilling Company aims to provide the bridge between discerning buyers and world’s finest spirits. A privately owned distiller and importer, Anchor boasts an artisanal portfolio with over 300 specialty products from nearly 23 countries. Our products are from multigenerational family-owned companies, and are sought by connoisseurs for their superior handcrafted artisanal qualities. From a distilling perspective, Anchor Distilling is dedicated to creating very small batches of traditionally distilled spirits. For more information visit www.AnchorDistilling.com and follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter @AnchorSpirits.

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