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Preiss Imports Announce Newest Additions to Its Portfolio: ‘By the Dutch’ Batavia Arrack and Old Genever


By the Dutch 2RAMONA, CA, October 14, 2016Preiss Imports, a third-generation company specializing in the importing and marketing of international spirits, wines and culinary niche brands, is excited to announce the addition of ‘By The Dutch’ Batavia Arrack and Old Genever to its award-winning portfolio.

‘By The Dutch’ was founded in 2015 with the purpose of producing traditional spirits with a Dutch heritage. These spirits are distilled and handcrafted primarily in Schiedam, South Holland, a village known as Genever-Town. The Netherlands have always played a leading role in the world of fine spirits – the Dutch being the first to finesse the art of making superior spirits from agricultural products and the world’s first producers of liqueur.

Appreciation of traditional Dutch spirits across the globe continues to grow, as does the spirits’ reputation for quality. ‘By the Dutch’ embodies these traditions, as they spread awareness of Dutch spirits and share their Old Genever and Batavia Arrack Indonisian Rum with the U.S. market.

Batavia Arrack

Batavia was the name of the capital city of the Dutch East Indies, and corresponds to today’s city of Jakarta. Batavia became the center of the Dutch East India Company trading network in Asia and commerce of Batavia Aarrack was entirely in hands of the Dutch VOC. Almost all arrack exported to Europe arrived in Amsterdam or Rotterdam in wooden barrels, where it would then be matured and blended to create a spirit of consistent quality and fine flavor.

‘By The Dutch’ Batavia Arrack is a sugarcane molasses-based distillate produced exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia. Setting it apart from the standard sugarcane rum is the addition of local red rice in the fermentation process. The Master Blender ages Batavia Arrack in oak barrels for up to 8 years, creating an extremely rich rum, deep in flavor, with a lovely, lingering finish. Batavia Arrack is rarely drunk “neat”, and is more commonly used as an ingredient in cocktails, or as a flavoring in food and confectionery products. (48% alc/vol

Old Genever

The origin of English Gin is Dutch Genever. In 1650, Franciscus Sylvius, a Dutch doctor, created Dutch Genever as a medicine that was used by soldiers in the Thirty Years War. English troops hailed the spirit for its warming properties and calming effects, thus the phrase, ‘Dutch Courage’.

‘By The Dutch’ Old Genever is a handcrafted blend of pure maltwine and a distillate of Juniper berries and other botanicals, made according to a secret recipe dating back to 1942. Herman Jansen Distillery in the Netherlands controls production from grain to bottle. Old Genever has a spicy and slightly malty taste, with notes of juniper, anise, bitter orange, cloves cinnamon and cumin. This spirit is a perfect choice to serve on the rocks, as well as makes a refined ingredient in cocktails – both classic and contemporary in nature. (38% alc/vol)

Preiss Import’s full portfolio of products are available at specialty spirit and wine shops in most key U.S. markets. Gourmet specialties available for purchase online at http://hpsepicurean.com/shop/. Find more information about Preiss Imports and their products at www.hpsepicurean.com. Follow Preiss Imports on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About HPS Epicurean/Preiss Imports

Preiss Imports is a third-generation company specializing in international wines, spirits, beers and gourmet specialties. With unequivocal appreciation of provenance, tradition and history, Preiss Imports is poised to foster a fresh perspective and enjoyment of the finer, artisanal side of life. HPS Epicurean was founded in 2012 by forty-two-year industry veteran, Henry Preiss, with his daughter Nicole Preiss. In 2016, they Preiss family reacquired the rights to the name Preiss Imports. Today, the company continues to build a platform that provides brand-driven, iconic products to the U.S. marketplace. Learn more at www.hpsepicurean.com.

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