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“Sustainable Because” Video in Finals with Wine Spectator Magazine


Wineram2September 15th, 2016 – San Francisco, CA: A group of filmmakers from the Creative Agency & Film Production Company WINERAM Productions LLC co produced a short film with Lumaria Productions and NZWG that emphasized the importance and reasons behind sustainable farming worldwide. This short film was done with a focus on some of the premiere sustainable, organic, and biodynamic winegrowers across New Zealand.

Earlier this week the companies involved with this production were made aware that their video called “Sustainable Because” has become one of the top ten finalists in a video competition with Wine Spectator Magazine.

With the world, the climate, our environment, and an industry in need of change; we want to urge as many people as possible to share this link with their audiences. We hope that as many people as possible can watch this video and understand the care and passion behind sustainability that some people have in this world. If they like what these characters have to say and viewers want to help spread the word of sustainability across the world wide wine industry, then they can vote for the video titled “Sustainable New Zealand” at: http://www.winespectator.com/videovoting.

Video Description for Posting Support: “Sustainable New Zealand”, is now a finalist in the 2016 Wine Spectator Video Competition. This is a short documentary video that introduces the characters of the New Zealand wine industry that are focusing strongly on sustainability, organics and biodynamics. These growers are not giving you a lesson on what sustainability is, but instead are telling you the real  reasons WHY they have decided to farm the way they do. It is never easy choosing the right path, and these farmers are doing it for New Zealand, for mother nature and for the great wine that we drink. Please watch this video here and if you believe in sustainability, organics or biodynamics, cast a vote before this Sunday to bring this video to the number one spot in the competition with Wine Spectator and help show the importance of sustainable farming in our global wine industry today.


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