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RPM Advertising Partners with Terlato Wines to Launch Riondo Prosecco’s Summer Campaign


Chicago, IL – RPM Advertising announced today that it has been selected to develop a marketing campaign for Terlato Wines’ Riondo Prosecco brand – one that will set Riondo apart from other Prosecco brands and take integrated marketing to a new level. The Italian for Summer campaign will launch in early August and will feature several different online and print components.

Terlato Popsicle Cocktails

Riondo Prosecco Popsicle Cocktails

View the various elements of this stunning campaign at this website: http://rpmadv.com/index.php/b2b-riondo/

RPM created the Italian for Summer campaign to position Riondo Prosecco as a sparkling wine that is synonymous with summer. The online banner campaign Italian for Summer features a woman on a striking blue and white striped beach towel in an Italian vacation scene that evokes the carefree nature of summertime. The banner ads will appear on a variety of websites that appeal to wine enthusiasts, foodies and people who enjoy entertaining friends.

The Italian for Summer campaign will also encourage people to bring the Italian vacation lifestyle directly into their own homes and backyards. The ‘How To” recipe videos will show viewers how to create a Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash or a Sgroppino whisking together lemon sorbet, Riondo Prosecco and vodka to form a delicious summer cocktail. There are also popsicle recipes that put a creative twist on some of the classics such as the frozen pop made of pureed fresh peaches and bourbon which forms the basis of the Peach Bourbon Bellini popsicle. Other popsicle recipes a Watermelon Mojito, all served in a glass of refreshing Riondo Prosecco. Each one offers a colorful and playful way to enjoy a summer cocktail with friends.

View the “how to” video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PboZ91JC-Xk

Large graphics in the videos convey the ingredients, recipe steps and tips. The look and feel of the campaign is elegant, Italian-inspired and artfully displayed. Delicious shots of recipes come to life on screen and suggest that Riondo Prosecco is the perfect beverage for the warm and breezy days of summer. These fun summer recipe videos will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, POPSUGAR and other sites beginning in early August.

Another component of the Italian for Summer campaign will be advertorial style articles that celebrate Italian inspired things including the essentials needed to create the perfect Italian Brunch. These articles will appear on popular websites through Nativo’s online network where readers will find everything they need for an Italian Garden Party-Themed BBQ. This content will be carried by national websites such as Reader’s Digest and Relish, to name a few.

Riondo is poised to set itself apart from the special-occasion orientation of Prosecco and offer something that can be enjoyed any time and House Party is the perfect platform. It gives people an opportunity to apply to host a party and in return receive fun summer-themed props such as coasters, cocktail recipes, bubbles and beach balls. This party pack encourages the hosts to use Prosecco in delicious and refreshing ways and showcases Riondo Prosecco as the perfect beverage for the everyday occasion including a small house party with friends.
The campaign will also include print ads depicting images of friends enjoying a delicious Riondo Prosecco cocktail in a beautiful outdoor café in the summertime. The full color print ads will run in publications that target wine enthusiasts such as Wine Spectator.

Dave Lane, President and COO of Terlato Wines, said “We chose to partner with RPM Advertising because of its longstanding reputation for building brand equity. We were also impressed with the originality that its talented team brings to the table.”
According to RPM president Steve Platcow, “RPM has created a campaign that calls attention to the brand nationally and engages a broad set of consumers in a way that differentiates Riondo Prosecco from existing brands. Our goal is to enable Riondo to ‘Own Summer,’” adds Platcow.
About RPM Advertising

RPM Advertising is a full-service marketing communications firm that specializes in building traffic for experiential and retail-focused brands. Founded in 1994 on April Fools’ Day by Stephen Platcow and Mark Malin, RPM Advertising was created out of the simple proposition that talent, innovation, and relentless hard work would produce a better advertising agency. That inspiration continues to deliver superior strategic thinking, resourceful media management, award-winning creative and an unparalleled responsiveness to our client partners. For more information, visit www.rpmadv.com

About Terlato Wines

Terlato Wines has a global portfolio of more than 80 brands from world class wine producers in more than a dozen countries and is the leading marketer of wines $20 and up in the U.S. Terlato Wines garners more 90+ ratings than any wine company in the world and is a division of the Terlato Wine Group, the parent company comprising several small businesses specializing in the marketing and production of exceptional wines. Owned and operated by the Terlato family for four generations, the group also includes the family winery investments and partnerships in some of the world’s most esteemed wine regions. In January, 2016, Terlato Wines announced its partnership with Riondo.



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