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Trident Enterprises Inc. Provides Global Solutions to Deer and Wildlife in Your Vineyard


TridentLogoIt began as a group of hardworking people installing electric fencing for farmers who needed assistance with their livestock.

It’s become a worldwide solution for multiple vineyards, winery owners, agencies and individuals who require protection from the deer and wildlife that threaten their investments through encroachment.

“We kept getting calls asking ‘what do you have for deer?'” reports Martin Havrilla, the Office Manager for Trident Enterprises Inc., at the company’s U.S. headquarters in Pennsylvania. “We decided to try to solve that problem. Word got out and we’ve now established ourselves as the largest distributor of poly deer fence rolls across the board.”

Founded in 1984, Trident Enterprises Inc. has specialized in permanent solutions in deer and wildlife fencing control for viticulturists, gardeners, farmers and homeowners across North America. The company has a proven track record of success against deer encroachment in valuable vineyards.

“When deer are getting into vineyards and a deer fence is installed a deer will first push against the fence to test it and then put their noses to the ground in an attempt to go under, Havrilla explains. “It’s important to have the fence all the way to the ground and properly staked to keep the deer from getting in underneath. Once they’ve pushed the fence and tried to go under it, they will simply walk along the fence line until they either find an entry point or end up at a new food source.”

TridentCorp Deer Fence2 (600x400)

Although now focused exclusively on supply, the company’s extensive background in fencing installation led to an expanded line of fencing accessories, including rebar stakes, driveway gates, trellises, corner and end systems and complete installation kits, which are customizable.

“Kits are a great solution, especially if customers aren’t quite sure what they want,” confirms Havrilla. “We have options for digging animals, which flare out along the bottom, and also tensioning supplies. In areas where a fence will be visible, tensioning adds the support you need to tighten up the structure to make it more visually appealing.”

In addition to dominating the U.S. market, Trident Enterprises Inc. expanded into Canada earlier this year with a dedicated Canadian website at DeerbustersCanada.ca. The new site lists fencing and supplies in Canadian currency, which, as Havrilla points out, takes all of the uncertainty out of the equation and allows for door to door shipping.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth since we’ve launched this site, which is very encouraging,” Havrilla affirms. “Expanding into Canada is a first step in Trident Enterprise’s international business plan. We want to open up our deer fence product line overseas, into places like Australia, where there’s an established need.”

Trident Enterprises Inc. has seen steady growth in the last three to five years with wine industry clients across the U.S. and plans to extend its reach into international vineyards as well.

“We provide bird netting, as well as well as 1 ¾ inch mesh size fencing, which cuts back on browsing for any size vineyard, nursery or garden center,” confirms Havrilla. “Whether it’s a large or small business, it’s important to keep animals out to protect your hard work and investment.”

Trident Enterprises Inc.’s clients include wineries, orchards, national state parks, universities, public gardens, small businesses, and federal organizations including the U.S. Department of Interior, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, and the USDA.

For more information please visit one of our 3 websites:

Wholesale for U.S. and Canada – www.tridentcorp.com
Consumer, United States – www.deerbusters.com
Consumer, Canada – www.deerbusterscanada.ca



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