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National Grape & Wine Initiative Recognized by USDA Agencies

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Role as supporter and collaborator on Farm Bill programs recognized

National Grape and Wine InitiativeSacramento, CA, July 20, 2016 – The National Grape & Wine Initiative (NGWI) is pleased to have been recognized by officials from 2 important program sectors of the United States Department of Agriculture: The Plant Pest and Disease Management and Disaster Prevention Program (PPQ) and the National Clean Plant Network (NCPN). The recognition was presented to NGWI for exceptional teamwork and collaboration and support of the programs, collectively referred to as Section 10007 Program in the Farm Bill.

Recognition, signed by representatives from PPQ and NCPN and a commemorative medallion were presented to NGWI President Camron King by NCPN Coordinator Erich Rudyj. The recognition notes that NGWI is a valuable part of the 2014 Farm Bill support team that aided in $62.5M being allocated to fund over 460 projects through the 2 programs that support the goals of identifying and responding to invasive pests and diseases that pose a threat to American agriculture, as well as ensuring that clean plant stock is available in the US.

King noted, “The work of NGWI as a national research collaborative is to develop and support partners that drive critical research and develop programs that aid in protecting and providing the US grape industries with tools and measures that meet our mission of maximizing productivity, sustainability and competitiveness.  The Farm Bill is a critical funding source for research to meet these principles and we are honored to be recognized by such great partners.  We look forward to continuing the work we have started together to ensure that all sectors of the US grape industry and our partner organizations continue to succeed together.”

With the 2018 Farm Bill discussion just beginning to start, NGWI will continue work with member organizations, research and academic partners and agencies and programs that work to achieve success in providing research work, tools and programs to protect the American grape industries – table, raisin, juice and wine. Other USDA and Farm Bill programs of importance to NGWI include, but are not limited to:  the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), National Institute for Food & Agriculture (NIFA) and the associated Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI). NGWI works with numerous agencies and programs to meet its mission.

About the National Grape & Wine Initiative

The National Grape and Wine Initiative (NGWI) is an industry-driven partnership with academic and government representatives, designed to focus emphasis on research and extension as a means to strengthen the competitiveness of America’s grape and grape product industries. Grapes are the nation’s leading specialty crop and all industry segments including raisin, juice, fresh grape and wine created the NGWI coalition to drive research for maximum productivity, sustainability and competitiveness. NGWI aims to lead the world in consumer value and quality.

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