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M.A. Silva Receives 2016 North Bay Maker Award


MA Silva 6x4Santa Rosa, CA, July 5, 2016 — M. A. Silva USA, the leading manufacturer of cork, glass and packaging, has been selected as one of the companies to be honored at the North Bay Business Journal’s 2016 North Bay Maker Awards. This award — formerly known as Manufacturing Awards — is given to the most outstanding and innovative manufacturers in the North Bay.

“Over the last 40 years M. A. Silva has established itself as an industry technology leader and we are honored to be recognized for our achievements,” said Neil Foster, President of M. A. Silva USA. “Among the firsts, our company had developed proprietary cork cleaning processes that are recognized worldwide. Our latest innovation, the onebyonetm cork testing method, is a fully automated process inspecting every single cork to detect any trace of 2, 4, 6 -Trichloroanisole (TCA), the chemical primarily responsible for cork taint. With this technology, which is based on cutting edge gas phase spectroscopy, we are now capable to deliver guaranteed TCA free corks for ultra-premium wines. It’s a game-changing technology in the cork industry and we are proud to demonstrate once again being a leading manufacturer of finest premium cork.”

Many winemakers who used screwcaps or synthetics to avoid cork taint are returning to cork. Research has shown that wine bottles closed with cork age more consistently and develop the richness and suppleness that age can bring. Cork stoppers don’t cause reduction as many of the screwcaps do, and wines protected by cork don’t experience premature oxidation as wines closed with synthetics often do. Cork-finished wines are also preferred by consumers. Their choice echoes a perception of quality and the luxurious feel of a cork being pulled out of a wine bottle. Since cork is biodegradable and recyclable, its use is consistent with sustainable vineyard and winemaking practices.

About M. A. Silva USA: Based in Sonoma County, California, M. A. Silva USA is a leading manufacturer of premium natural corks, glass and packaging for North American markets. Its quality-assurance program ensures unmatched visual, mechanical and sensory characteristics of its products. The company operates on solar power and is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly operations. M. A. Silva earned both Sonoma Green Business Program and ClimateSmart™ certifications. The company has been named Best Cork Supplier 2013 & 2015 by the North Bay Business Journal, Best Cork Supplier 2013, 2015 & 2016 and Best Bottle Supplier 2013 & 2015 by Vineyard & Winery Management magazine. It is a five-time winner of the North Bay Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. For more information, visit www.masilva.com or call 707.636.2530.

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