Without Beer, We (America) Would Not Be Here: The Water Could Kill You, so Beer Was a Good Thing


Brew Pubs, Distilleries, Wineries and Even A Meadery  Are Popping Up Where It All Started In Greater Williamsburg

Visit WilliamsburgWILLIAMSBURG, Va. – May 17, 2016 – So here’s something they never taught you in history class, but you most likely learned on your own: beer is good. And for early colonists, it’s what kept them alive due to the fact that early wells were brackish with salt water – many even thought beer cured them, helped them to live longer, and made the world a better place (some of us still agree with this).

The fact is, without beer, there is a good chance we – as a country – would not have survived. It seems America (or at least early America) ran on beer. Though the New World had plenty of fresh, unspoiled water, the water could kill you if you were not very selective and careful. A solution? Substitute alcohol, as colonists saw done in Europe, and turn raw materials already available into cider, beer and wine that was safe to drink. And everyone, from teens to adults, imbibed (there’s a throwback word).

The Greater Williamsburg area is tapping notable new watering holes, pushing the boundaries on their respective craft – beers, wine, mead and more. Truth be told, the old land is booming with new places to eat, drink and be merry via alcohol. So hear ye parents and millennials that visited Williamsburg as a kid…maybe it’s time to come back and belly up.

The Silver Hand Meadery just opened in March and serves visitors flights of mead (yes, alcohol made like wine, but from honey). Or, for non-drinkers, the meadery also offers honey tastings. Down the road, Alewerks Brewing Company – Williamsburg’s hometown brewery – offers guests an ever-changing rotation of beer on draft and for sale. The Virginia Beer Company opened its doors in Williamsburg – featuring a new craft brewery, taproom and garden all from the confines of an old auto body shop.

If wine is the beverage of choice, the award-winning Williamsburg Winery is a must-visit. Vines have been growing here on and off for more than 350 years and it’s one of only a handful of first wineries in the state of Virginia to receive a 90-point rating for their wines from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.

We’ve heard it all before. You’ve most likely visited Williamsburg as a kid to learn all about the historical stuff. But now that you are older, and wiser, or if you are traveling with your kids, you may want to discover the Williamsburg they forgot to tell you about or introduce you to. Beer here is historical, who knew?

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