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Cork Supply Group Introduces the Next Step in Revolutionary TCA Detection Technology Advanced DS100+ Process


DS100_Machine_Close_UpMay 3, 2016—London, England—Cork Supply, developers of the innovative DS100 “dry soak” detection system for TCA in natural cork, is set to begin offering customers a faster, automated service called DS100+ that utilizes new, state-of-the-art detection equipment. The company will unveil the innovative DS100+ machine at the London Wine Fair, May 3 to 5.

While the percentage of natural cork closures compromised by TCA (2, 4, 6- Trichloroanisole) has declined dramatically within the last decade, TCA continues to impact a very small percentage of global cork production. With the DS100+ process, Cork Supply is able to guarantee 100% TCA-free corks faster, delivering high quality cork at a value that will benefit an even wider range of winery customers.

For more than three decades, Cork Supply has been leading the industry in research and innovation that provide winery customers with the highest quality natural cork. Important industry firsts from Cork Supply include:

  • Introduction of individual cork sensory analysis;
  • Use of gas chromatography with SPME (Solid Phase Micro Extraction) for detection of releasable TCA during production;
  • Introduction of the proprietary Innocork® TCA removal (volatile extraction) technology;
  • First-ever Bottle Buy Back Guarantee under the DS100 system.

DS100_MachineThe revolutionary DS100+ process, developed by Cork Supply over the last three years, is the company’s most recent innovation. “DS100+ is the result of our sustained efforts to offer our customers the very best in quality assurance,” said Cork Supply founder Jochen Michalski. “This new process will eliminate the risk of TCA in natural cork at levels as low as 1 part per trillion, a level far below sensory threshold—all at higher production volume and lower cost, providing customers with the finest quality cork at an unprecedented value.”

DS100+ will be fully operational in July 2016, and Cork Supply expects to examine more than 20 million corks through the new process; by 2017, they expect to triple that capacity to 60 million corks. For additional information on the DS100+ process please call Cork Supply USA at (707) 746-0353 or Cork Supply Portugal at  +351 256 780 580.

About Cork Supply

For more than three decades, the Cork Supply Group has been redefining quality through innovation, superior service, and expertise. The company offers premium closure products to the global wine and spirits industry, including natural corks, CS, Cuvée, technical corks and Talis bartops. In addition, the Group offers labels from the award-winning Studio Labels, as well as traditional handcrafted, custom-finished French and American oak barrels and Creative Oak alternatives from their state-of-the-art cooperage, Tonnellerie Ô.

Founded in 1981 by Jochen Michalski, the Cork Supply Group operates Lean and ISO-certified production facilities in all major wine regions throughout the world.  See more at: www.corksupply.com

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