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Wine Channel TV Announces New “Wine Judges Corner” Digital Community Launch


The new website, judge.wine, features the most comprehensive info about award-winning wines, competitions and judges

Wine Judges Corner(Chicago, April 12, 2016) — Wine Channel TV (www.winechanneltv.com) is excited to announce the launch of its new online community: Wine Judges Corner, at www.judge.wine. Wine Judges Corner is the world’s only digital online wine lifestyle community dedicated to wine competitions, award-winning wines and wine judges.

Created by 31 year old international wine lifestyle media executive, Jessica Altieri (Founder and CEO of Wine Channel TV Network), Wine Judges Corner offers wine enthusiasts, wineries and judges an invaluable resource for all their wine needs. Not only does the site provide extensive competition information for both past and future events, but it also offers the inside scoop from competition organizers, exclusive interviews with renowned judges and extensive wine reviews by experts in the field. Wineries have hundreds of wine competitions to choose from each year, and will now have a single site resource to evaluate, select and showcase their award-winning wines to consumers.

“After years of judging and meeting so many talented industry leaders, I realized there was a need for an international community specifically for competitions and award-winning wines,” said Jessica Altieri. “In this day and age, the logical leap was to start an interactive digital environment to fill this need. That’s why I created Wine Judges Corner.”

Wine Judges Corner operates under the belief that the secret to a winning wine selection shouldn’t be exclusive. Seeking the best new wines to try? Wine Judges Corner features select award winners so that consumers can make educated choices. Winemakers and wineries share their stories so you know just what goes into that perfect sip.

While Wine Judges Corner is a fantastic resource for wine lovers, it also offers a unique opportunity for the wineries themselves. Many extraordinary wineries win prestigious awards in competitions, but their wines’ names are lost as merely lines in a list of winners. Wine Judges Corner provides a platform for wineries to show off their award-winners with video, exclusive interviews with winemakers/staff, digital images, and so much more than just a line on a spreadsheet.

Wine Judges Corner is also a source of digital “edutainment,” the perfect blend of education and entertainment. Jessica Altieri, an expert wine judge herself, is the perfect host, interviewer, and guide for viewers as she meets and speaks to the most talented names in the wine industry. Website visitors can immerse themselves in the series of videos featuring industry experts with charming personalities who tell their fascinating stories. Celebrity wine judges, winemakers and more are also featured as hosts from around the world.

The launch of the Wine Judges Corner community is only the first of many exciting developments to come. This year, the site plans to release a summary and guide for wineries to determine the best competitions to enter in 2017. A mobile app featuring award winning wines for consumers, called Winning Wines, is planned for a late summer 2017 release. More big things are on the way, so subscribe now so you don’t miss out as Jessica explores the best and the brightest in the wine industry!

About Wine Channel TV Network (http://winechanneltv.com):

Wine Channel TV and Wine Judges Corner are part of the Wine Channel TV Network and Wine Channel TV Media. Wine Channel TV Network is the leading wine lifestyle video media company in the world, providing original wine lifestyle education and entertainment programming and live events. Wine Channel TV Network connects with 350K wine enthusiasts daily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and reaches over 15M monthly on its online digital network.

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