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Warehouse Talks: Myth-Busting the Wine Microbiome from Grape to Bottle

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Announcing the second installment of the Warehouse Talks!

Ware House TalksJoin us for a conversation with
Robert Tracy, expert wine microbiologist and founder of BevTrac Mobile Quality Systems,
 Wednesday, April 27th,  6-8 pm

It was a pleasure to kick off our Warehouse Talks series with the company of Esther Mobley and Virginie Boone. From the first moments, we knew it would be a fun challenge to find an equally compelling and thought-provoking speaker to follow them, but we believe we have succeeded.

These days, microbiome is something of a buzzword, yet nowhere is the microbiome more relevant than in winemaking. It is everything we do, yet it’s also prone to misconceptions: seeing threats where there are none, missing threats where they abound, and mistaking patterns for flukes and vice-versa.

Robert Tracy is regarded as one of the leading experts in wine microbiology. He is the founder of BevTrac Mobile Quality Systems and was Microbiologist for E & J Gallo Sonoma for seven years.

The Donelan Wines team have long picked his brain on bleary-eyed harvest mornings as we troubleshoot or indulge our curiosity about the far-reaches of fermentation science. Now, we’d like to pass on to you the pleasure of learning from his vast trove of knowledge.

Please join as we myth-bust the wine microbiome, learn about the microorganisms that influence our craft from grape to bottle, how they contribute to wine quality, and what the newest science is on risk factors and best practices.

All that over a glass of wine and a bite to eat!

Please RSVP by April 18th. As before, we encourage you to share this invitation with industry friends, just let us know in advance.

RSVP to the Donelan Wine Team

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