ZuccardiAfter three years of construction, Familia Zuccardi opened its Zuccardi Valle de Uco Winery on March 30 in the Paraje Altamira in the Uco Valley. Located 80 miles southeast of Mendoza, the winery is a welcome next step in the emergence of Familia Zuccardi as a globally recognized producer of ultra-premium wine.

“Familia Zuccardi produces wines 
from the local terroir, placing focus on the region
and essence of the wine and the variations found in different zones throughout 
the Uco Valley,” says Sebastian Zuccardi. “We want our wines to have personality and to express the region where they were created.”

The new facility will produce various wines from the estate, including Zuccardi Q, Tito Zuccardi, Emma Zuccardi, Zuccardi Concreto, Zuccardi Zeta, Zuccardi Aluvional and Zuccardi Finca. A selection of Familia Zuccardi wines are distributed to the U.S. market by Winesellers, Ltd., an award-winning wine importer with a varied portfolio of quality wines, focusing on family-owned and operated brands.

“Familia Zuccardi and Winesellers Ltd. have been in partnership for 21 years, we are so proud of the Zuccardi family and very excited about this new winery,” said Winesellers, Ltd. Vice President Adam Sager. “We have a long-standing history together and we are honored to be a part of Familia Zuccardi’s continued growth and development.”

Sebastian Zuccardi developed the concept for the new facility in 2009 and began the research and development process to continue studying the variables—such as composition of the soil and agronomic subtleties—that influence wines throughout the Uco Valley. Zuccardi Valle de Uco boasts concrete eggs and amphorae for fermenting, concrete vats for aging, as well as barrels and foudres, totaling a holding
capacity of 970,000 liters (approximately 80,000 nine liter cases). The concrete vats are made from all natural materials including sand, clay, rocks and silt coming from the land around where the winery was built.

The winery has its own research and development area where the winemakers can focus on aspects that will improve the quality of their product. The team will continue to research untapped production areas and work to develop new varieties not traditionally found in Argentina. Familia Zuccardi will also place emphasis on the study of irrigation and water management, working to preserve the essential resource that is all too scarce in the area.

From an architectural standpoint, the winery takes root from its surroundings and was constructed with locally sourced materials from the estate and the nearby Tunuyan River. The walls emulate the curvature of the neighboring mountain range, which has helped to maintain the Uco Valley’s fertile growing zone and has shaped the identity of Zuccardi wines.  Keeping in line with the estate’s sustainable practices, the new space boasts large windows that allow natural light to illuminate the working area, reducing the need for artificial light.

Beyond the working spaces, Zuccardi Valle de Uco Winery will also have a tourist center, Piedra Infinita Cocina, showcasing the impressive views of the mountains and vineyards.

Zuccardi is committed to interpreting and maintaining the unique identity of wines produced with grapes grown in Uco Valley.  Zuccardi wines express the essence of the soils, the extreme climate and the terrain where the vineyards are planted. The growth and development of the Zuccardi range was led by Sebastián Zuccardi, who is dedicated to exploration of different terroirs and varieties unique to the Uco Valley.  For more information, visit and follow on Twitter.

Founded in 1978 by Yale Sager, Winesellers, Ltd. is a second generation, family-owned and globally recognized importer and marketer of fine wines to the U.S. market. The company’s portfolio represents the finest quality of wines in their respective price category and has widespread distribution in all 50 U.S. states. The Winesellers, Ltd. portfolio includes producers and brands from Argentina, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and other countries worldwide.