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Tonnellerie du Monde Invests in Burgundian Cooperage Tonnellerie Tremeaux, Creates Synergistic New Partnership


Tonnellerie du MondeBORDEAUX, France (April 4, 2016) – Tonnellerie du Monde, owner of the Bordeaux-based cooperage Tonnellerie Quintessence, is pleased to announce its new partnership with an artisan Burgundian cooperage, Tonnellerie Tremeaux. As an investor and co-owner, Tonnellerie du Monde plans to honor the Tremeaux brand and carefully build its presence in France and international wine markets alongside founder Ludovic Tremeaux.

“We were drawn to Ludovic and the Tremeaux brand due to his passion, authenticity and commitment to respecting the wine,” said Franck Renaudin, directeur général. “Tremeaux barrels are handcrafted to order with emphasis on every detail, from premium oak sourcing, a unique one-meter high cheminée stacking method for natural seasoning, to a fruit-forward toast portfolio. As this partnership moves forward, we will continue these Tremeaux traditions. The existing portfolio is our foundation and will remain available even as we add new selections into the mix.”

Nestled in the town of Beaune, Tonnellerie Tremeaux was founded in 2010 by Ludovic Tremeaux. Tremeaux first apprenticed as a cooper at the age of 16 and went on to graduate from the College of Beaune with a Brevet de Technicien Supérieur degree in wine and spirits. He is known to be a skilled and passionate craftsman who prefers to understand the wine first, and then craft the barrel to best honor its muse.

“It’s a dream come true to find a partner with a common vision who understands and respects the essence of the Tremeaux brand,” said Ludovic Tremeaux. “We are anchored in Burgundian tradition, and yet we embrace and pursue the future. This is a shared passion that unites us. The Tremeaux brand will remain focused on artisan barrels of the finest quality – our attention to each premium detail, from learning about each client’s wine, to the details of each finished barrel, to the extensive customer service we offer, will always be paramount to our Tremeaux team.”

As co-owner and general manager, Ludovic Tremeaux remains very committed to the future of Tonnellerie Tremeaux. He will split his time between being onsite in Beaune and visiting wineries around the world to support the sales team and partnered distributors.

“This is the beginning of a dynamic partnership,” confirmed Renaudin. “Tremeaux crafts high quality, classic Burgundian barrels for premium wineries with excellent attention to detail. Meanwhile Tonnellerie du Monde brings years of savoir-faire and strong relationships with wineries in Europe and around the world. Together, we can give the world’s best winemakers better access to limited production wine barrels that pair beautifully with Burgundian varietals.”

Tonnellerie du Monde was founded in 1996 and is the parent company of Tonnellerie Quintessence in Bordeaux and Tonnellerie Tremeaux in Beaune. Premium wine barrels crafted by the two cooperages are sold in France and to wineries around the world. The United States sales team includes Zach Thompson (Napa, Central Valley, Temecula, and Washington) and Karen Prusinowski (Sonoma, Carneros, Central Coast and Oregon).



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