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Rehrig Pacific Company Launches New Logistics Technology Platform


Rehrig Pacific CoLOS ANGELES, Calif. – Feb. 8, 2016 – Rehrig Pacific Company, a national leader in logistics optimization for the world’s best brands, today announced the launch of its newest technology platform, RVision, to its supply chain customers. The RVision platform was designed to provide actionable business intelligence that will help customers to maximize their return on investment of their reusable transport packaging assets through improved productivity gains, better asset utilization and consumer engagement.

Rehrig Pacific products powered by RVision can provide real-time visibility and traceability, increase velocity to market, mitigate risk through faster response time, identify supply chain bottlenecks, reduce asset loss, improve asset utilization, and reduce waste.

As a part of RVision testing and validation, Rehrig Pacific tagged nearly 300,000 assets for PepsiCo with tracking RFID technology.  More than 1MM trips were recorded through the company’s distribution territory in the Southeastern U.S., across seven production facilities. Increased visibility, awareness, and data resulted in reduction of asset repurchase rates by 25 percent, year over year. Better than expected velocity revealed that Pepsi’s reusable assets are a better financial alternative to one- way, less sustainable packaging alternatives.

“The reduction wouldn’t have been possible without the data and feedback provided by RVision’s RFID tracking platform,” said Kaley Parkinson, Director of Applied Technology and Business Development for Rehrig Pacific Company.

For more information about Rehrig Pacific Company and its full line of products and services visit www.rehrigpacific.com or call 800-421-6244.

About Rehrig Pacific Company

Rehrig Pacific has grown to become a leader in optimizing logistics solutions by challenging the status quo of retail supply chains. We collaborate with stakeholders to move and merchandise their brands, enhance consumer experience and eliminate waste, through solutions that are simple to use and easy to implement. As part of a retail focus, Rehrig is helping companies build brand equity by combining intelligent secondary packaging and interactive in-store, point-of-sale displays. Rehrig Pacific technology services include hardware and software for the collection of real-time case load temperature and GPS tracking data, and more, across the supply chain. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., Rehrig serves customers in North and South America with manufacturing and service locations throughout the U.S. and Mexico.



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