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Mira Winery Celebrates 40th Anniversary of the Judgment of Paris with the 2016 Judgment of Charleston


A Blind Tasting of Bordeaux and Napa Valley today

Mira WineryCharleston, S.C. (February 3, 2016) – Napa Valley’s Mira Winery is holding a blind tasting to celebrate the May 24, 1976 Paris tasting that catapulted Napa Valley wines to the top of the wine world. To both honor the historical significance of that event and present a forum for a fresh analysis of today’s wines, on May 24, 2016 Mira will conduct a blind tasting at its Charleston, South Carolina, Napa Valley Education Center & Tasting Room.

The wine world has seen tremendous growth and change since 1976, and the 40th anniversary of the Judgment of Paris presents an ideal opportunity to assemble members of the wine industry to once again evaluate the current wines of the powerhouse regions of Bordeaux and Napa Valley in a blind, head-to-head tasting.

“Great wines come from both regions,” Mira Proprietor Jim “Bear” Dyke, Jr. explained, “and we thought it would be a fun and interesting way to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1976 Paris Tasting, not to attempt to replicate it but to conduct a tasting of present day wines of Bordeaux and Napa.”

The panel of judges will derive from two processes. Six of the judges will be selected by online voting at www.miranapa.com starting March 5 until March 15, with the top individuals receiving votes selected. Those interested in additional details and qualifying to be a judge should contact Wendy Keefer at [email protected] prior to March 1.  Five judges will be selected by Mira from the Charleston wine community. Once selected, the 11-judge panel will evaluate the wines during the May 24 tasting.

The wines included will remain concealed until after the tasting. Mira will work with a small team of experts who will identify the appropriate wines from both Bordeaux and Napa and select a sampling of wines from those vintages that exemplify each region’s current style.

About Mira Winery

Mira is the Latin root of miracle and our logo is the symbol for a good harvest. Each year we harvest by hand the best blocks from acclaimed vineyards in the most celebrated wine-producing region in the world – Napa Valley. Mira wines are hand-crafted, all natural, and a true expression of what the vines produce from year to year.  Aged to pure understated elegance, our wines express the flavors and uniqueness of the specific vineyards each represents, and are ready to drink upon release and also built for enjoyment after years in your cellar. Mira is defined by our roots, anchored in the lineage and longevity of the miracle that is Napa Valley. Mira is also rooted in the South, with our newly opened Napa Valley Education Center & Tasting Room, bringing a bit of Napa Valley to the culinary gem that is Charleston, South Carolina.

More information about Mira Winery can be found at http://www.miranapa.com.

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