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Visit Oenofrance at Unified and Receive Expo Special


5% off your order while at the trade show

Oenofrance USA logoWe will be presenting an exciting new range of products designed to boost the production of aromas while promoting good fermentations and helping to reduce the negative impact of heavy metals in your wine.

We invite you to come by and talk with our Technical Representatives to learn more about our recent innovations for a sustainable, respectful yet modern approach to winemaking.

Oenofrance USA
UWGS Booth: 2521

At Oenofrance USA, we thrive to bring the very best, most efficient technologies and solutions to winemakers, taking care to respect both terroir and grape typicity. At the same time, we understand the time constraints of wine production and integrate that aspect in creating easy-to-use, hassle-free additives that save you time and money.

Originally from Bordeaux, Oenofrance is solidly anchored in the history of winemaking innovations across the world since we developed the first specific yeast for aromatic white wines, produced the first gelatin by enzymatic hydrolysis with unique control of hydrolysis degree, took part in the finalization of freeze-dried malolactic bacteria production protocols and were a forerunner in the selection of enzymatic activities for winemaking. Since 1986, Oenofrance has also been working on developing specific yeast products (hulls, specific soluble fractions, selected polysaccharides, etc.).

Oenofrance UWGS special

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