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Latest Radoux Innovations to Be Shown at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium


Tonnellerie Radoux will be at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium on 27 and 28 January 2016 – Booth 1210 – to present its expertise in barrel, tank and cask making and its new range of Pronektar oak adjuncts.

RadouxTonnellerie Radoux, manufacturer of French, American, and Eastern European oak barrels, puncheons, tanks and casks, will be at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium on 27 and 28 January 2016, where it will be presenting its latest innovations within its range of oak adjuncts: the Pronektar Extrême staves.

Pronektar Extrême, staves resulting from the Oakscan® technology

The oak profile of the Extrême range is fully controlled thanks to the Oakscan® technology developed by Radoux’s R&D team.  This unique process of instantaneous measurement of the content of polyphenols in wood helps determine the tannic potential of each stave.

Three products within the Extrême range are proposed each with a specific level of tannin content : low, medium and high.

These 7mm staves are made exclusively from French oak, and undergo specially developed and tested toasts to release the maximum aromatic potential of the wood.

  • The Extrême Délicat stave has a low level of tannin content, bringing discreet and delicate aromas, with low contribution of structure.
  • The Extrême Complexe stave has a medium level of tannin content, with a wide and complex palette of aromas, giving fullness and persistence on the mouth.
  • The Extrême Intense stave, with its high level of tannin content, releases intense and typified aromas, giving structure on the palate, volume, sweetness and persistence.

All the products within the Pronektar range benefit from the know-how of Tonnellerie Radoux, from its expertise with regard to oak, the selection of timber, its seasoning and the mastering of the toasting process.  Pronektar has over 15 years experience in the research, development and sale of oak chips and solid wood, and has now become the French brand of reference in the field of wood for oenology.

New team for Radoux USA, Inc.

Radoux, established in 1947 in Jonzac in the south west of France, joined the TFF Group in 2012. TFF is the undisputed world leader in the production of wood containers for aging wines and spirits and oak alternatives for oenology.

The Radoux group, whose brands include Radoux, Blend, Pronektar, Oakscan, and Artisan Foudrier, generates 80% of its turnover in exports, the USA being its number one market.

Radoux USA, Inc. has been managed since 2014 by Romain Liagre.  The company was reorganized with the arrival of Louis Zandvliet as General Manager at the beginning of 2015.  During the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, he will be accompanied by three new team members: Mario Carofanello (Sales Manager Napa Valley), Steve Burch (Pronektar Manager) and Guillaume Maugeais (Production Manager).

Come and see us at the unified wine & grape symposium show
27 and 28 january 2016
booth 1210

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