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Oeneo, Patron of the “Cité du Vin” in Bordeaux

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Cite du Vin - Portraits de VinOeneo, an international group serving producers of wines and spirits, is supporting the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, which will open to the public in June 2016.

Operating across the entire wine production process in the two sectors of aging and closures, it seemed only natural for the Oeneo Group to support the Cité du Vin initiative, a new cultural and tourist landmark for the city of Bordeaux.

An international dimension

An inseparable part of the living culture and heritage of France and countries from all five continents, wine will now have its own Cité, a venue setting out to share this ageold culture with an international audience. To promote the transmission, the enhancement and the protection of wine’s universal, living and cultural heritage, world wine-capital Bordeaux and this new facility of nearly 140,000 sq.m. will feature a permanent tour, exhibitions and wine-tasting workshops.

At the heart of the Cité du Vin, the permanent full-immersion and sensory tour presents 20 theme spaces where the visitor can explore and discover wine civilizations: “The World Tour of Vineyards” to explore the incredible diversity of vineyard landscapes, “Wine Planets” and its interactive globes to read about vines and wine on a world scale, and the “The Table of Terroirs” inviting the visitor on a world tour of wine-growing terroirs with the secrets of 50 wine-makers from 10 wine regions worldwide…

Oeneo’s commitment

Oeneo, an international Group and precursor in innovations serving the entire wine sector, wanted to be the patron of this international and totally new cultural site. A logical and consistent step for a group that designs and manufactures innovative high-end solutions in consulting, aging and closure of wines and spirits through its range of brands:

  • Seguin Moreau the world’s leading brand in high-end casks, which also offers a range of wood for the wine industry;
  • Diam (the world number 2 for cork closures) and Piedade for closures;
  • Vivelys for consulting and innovation as well as its “Boisé” solution for wine profiling.

This unique positioning provides a global response to major players in the market, with the further benefit of compelling synergies between business sectors.

Oeneo shares common values with the Cité du Vin, particularly the blending of tradition and modernity, a bold outlook and the love of wine. This patronage is a first for the group, keen to support ambitious initiatives that foster research, provide advice for wine growers and educate consumers.

The Group’s commitment is exemplified here by way of a commitment on a par with the category of “Builder of Privileges”, with more specifically patronage of the Salons d’Hébé, privileged lounge areas for all visitors to the Cité and mandatory stop-off to access the shows and activities in the auditorium. This lounge of nearly 2,700 sq.m. can also be privatized for conferences, thematic events and cocktails over the whole area.

With a potential of 11 million tourists in the Aquitaine region and 1.3 million inhabitants, this center is set to become Bordeaux’s new flagship tourist attraction, offering a rich and varied program. It should attract 450,000 visitors each year from France, Europe (Spain, Italy, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany amongst others) and also the United States, Canada, China and Japan.

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About Oeneo (excluding the consolidation of Piedade)
The Oeneo Group was founded in June 2003 and reported turnover of €171 million in 2014/2015, with sales in more than 60 countries. Through its two business sectors of aging and closures, the group brings together more than 720 employees in 15 locations worldwide. Oeneo generates 67% of its turnover outside of France. With more than 5,000 of the industry’s most prestigious customers, Oeneo sells over 70,000 casks worldwide and nearly 1.3 billion closures each year.

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