New and Innovative Concept Wines by Zonin1821 Blend Traditional Prosecco Grape, Glera, with Pinot Bianco (‘White’), Pinot Grigio (‘Grey’) and Pinot Noir (‘Black’)

Zonin1821 Dresscode[NEW YORK CITY, NY, December 9, 2015] – ZONIN1821, the largest private vine growing and winemaking company in Italy and one of the world’s most admired wine brands, has announced the launch of the innovative, limited edition ‘Dress Code’ Collection, designed to communicate different messages and moods inspired by the grape varietals that characterize the product.

“Our hope with the ‘Dress Code’ Collection campaign is to strike a chord with current and potential Prosecco lovers,” said Emanuele Siena, Marketing Director of Zonin USA, US Subsidiary of ZONIN1821. “We want Prosecco drinkers to be able to see a reflection of their own personal styles in one of these three new Proseccos — the Grey, White or Black editions — or a little bit in each, depending on the occasion.”

As the trailblazer of innovation, ZONIN1821 has developed Proseccos that are a more refined extension of the classic Zonin Prosecco. While the classic Prosecco is made with 100% Glera grapes, each of the new expressions are blended with a different cuvée. The result is three unique taste profiles and styles, each perfectly suited for a particular mood or setting.

ZONIN PROSECCO WHITE EDITION: Glera & Pinot Bianco cuvée. A sparkling wine of great freshness and versatility, where the strong aromatic notes of Glera perfectly mingle with the floral and fresh notes of Pinot Bianco. Evokes the mood of: free, young, graceful, joyful and timeless.

ZONIN PROSECCO GREY EDITIONGlera & Pinot Grigio cuvée. A sparkling wine with an unmistakable personality, where the intense aromatic notes of Glera perfectly marry with the fruity notes of Pinot Grigio. Evokes the mood of: modern, cool, informal, dynamic and metropolitan.

ZONIN PROSECCO BLACK EDITIONGlera & Pinot Noir cuvée. The powerful aromatic notes of Glera are accented by the finesse and the elegance of Pinot Noir. Evokes the mood of: mysterious, elegant, enchanting, sexy and charming.

The campaign for the ‘Dress Code’ Collection is highly social and visual, and will leverage new media with a focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify as well as digital advertising.

ZONIN1821’s ‘Dress Code’ Collection Prosecco is currently available in New York and New Jersey. The collection will be available in all US markets by February 2016. The SRP for each edition is $16.99.

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Zonin USA, Inc. is wholly owned by Casa Vinicola Zonin S.p.A. in Italy; a company of seven generations of winemakers with eleven estates located in the seven most prestigious wine growing areas in Italy. The flagship winery, Castello D’Albola located in Tuscany’s Chianti Classico District, Rocca di Montemassi located in Maremma, Tuscany, Principi di Butera located in Sicily, Ca’Bolani located in Friuli, Castello del Poggio located in Piemonte/Asti, Tenuta IL Bosco located in Lombardia, Podere IL Giangio located in Veneto, Abbazia Monte Oliveto located in Toscana and Masseria Altemura located in Puglia. Each winery is dedicated to its own traditional wines and styles.