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The British Columbia Wine Institute Announces Newsroom on Newsline360 Platform


Journalists and Customers Connect and Receive News in Real Time

Wines of British ColumbiaDecember 1, 2015 – British Columbia, Canada – The British Columbia Wine Institute (BC Wine Institute) has joined a growing number of businesses to create an online newsroom using the social news management platform NEWSLINE360.

“The British Columbia Wine Industry has grown exponentially within the last 25 years from just 17 grapewineries in 1990 to over 275 grape wineries, 10,260 acres of vines and five designated viticultural areas today,” says British Columbia Wine Institute Media Relations Manager Laura Kittmer. “Newsline360 presents a great opportunity for North American journalists and consumers to learn more about our international award-winning wines and pristine wine regions that are gaining recognition from wine critics and travel writers around the globe. Our unique terroir and climate create a style of wine unlike anywhere in the world and we are excited to launch our newsroom to engage with influential media and wine enthusiasts to share what makes the Wines of British Columbia so special.”

“Having a robust newsroom that provides good content for journalists, bloggers and customers has become an essential addition to corporate websites. Businesses that make it easy to have their information available and easily found will be the ones to grow their brands and be industry leaders; being transparent is not an option; it’s a necessity as is good storytelling.  NEWLINE360 literally delivers in a way that has never before been possible,” said Cindy Kurman, founding partner and chief operating officer of NEWSLINE360.

NEWSLINE360 works as a news hub on the BC Wine Institute website. Unlike other newsrooms, journalists, bloggers, members and wine enthusiasts can “follow” and receive news in real time.

“Being found by reporters and potential customers via web searches can be challenging,” says Michael Iwasaki, NEWSLINE360 founding partner and president. “We’ve designed the program to help journalists source new contacts with our built-in complimentary research tools and JAQ (journalists asking questions) match making service. We want to help businesses be recognized and found; we want to help journalists identify new contacts for stories; it’s a win-win.”

“Journalism has changed exponentially over the past few years. The old way of doing business no longer works. Today, everyone is a story teller. You have news journalists, citizen journalists, and brand journalism. There are hundreds if not thousands of social media sites, all with a singular goal of capturing your attention. There’s a lot of noise,” says Lee Barrie, founding partner and chief marketing officer at NEWSLINE360, “making it that much harder for journalists and consumers to sort through news to find what is pertinent to them. NEWSLINE360 is much more targeted and efficient than simply ‘putting news out there’ and hoping a lot of people will be interested. With NEWSLINE360, businesses reach people who really want to receive their news and recipients only get news they want to get, news that’s relevant to their needs.”

The British Columbia Wine Institute newsroom (http://www.newsline360.com/winebc ) showcases news of interest to journalists who cover the wine, culinary and tourism industries. Recent features have included:

The newsroom also links to all of BC Wine’s social media channels and they can manage their social media, event calendar, photo and video library as well as their audio files from within the newsroom, giving easy and immediate access to reporters and customers. Visit and follow the Wines of British Columbia’s newsroom at http://www.newsline360.com/winebc.

About British Columbia Wine Institute (BCWI)
Since 1990, the BCWI has played a pivotal role in taking BC’s wine industry from a vision to an internationally recognized niche region producing premium wines and providing exceptional wine tourism experiences.  The BCWI markets the wine and regions of BC; delivers quality trade, media and consumer tastings; and acts as the voice of BC’s wine industry by advocating to government on behalf of industry that contributes $2 billion in provincial economic growth annually.  The BCWI represents all wineries in British Columbia to grow the premium market share for the Wines of British Columbia, while driving awareness of our world-class wine tourism product – currently drawing 800,000 visitors with $476 million in tourism and tourism employment related economic impact every year. The BCWI’s voluntary membership consists of 151 member wineries whose dues enable participation in various trade and consumer promotional events and retail marketing activities here in BC, across Canada and in select international markets, exclusively featuring BC VQA (100% BC) Wine. BCWI members produce 94% of BC VQA Wine sold in British Columbia

NEWSLINE360 is the innovation of a group of experienced media and technology professionals who believe there is a better way for businesses and journalists to connect, communicate and develop great news stories and relationships. With NEWSLINE360, everyone benefits: Journalists produce better stories with more insight into industry trends, while newsworthy businesses achieve greater visibility and brand awareness.

NEWSLINE360 gives businesses an easy, affordable way to create and maintain a great online newsroom and link it to their website. Journalists and other communicators gain new sources and get better and timelier information. They receive news by following the newsrooms of their choice, and they get the news immediately as it is posted.

NEWSLINE360 also provides companies with the ability to schedule and push their news to all social media channels and it includes a searchable events calendar. Newsroom owners have the ability to segment newsroom followers into whatever targeted, segmented lists they choose: journalists, consumers, customers, fans, prospects, business partners, industry segments, vertical markets, supply chain members, donors, board members and many others.

NEWSLINE360 is a registered trademark of Think Ink Media, Inc., a Chicago, IL and Vancouver, B.C. based company. Technology development is based in Vancouver, B.C. (604-312-7040) and the operations and business development office is based in Chicago, Illinois (312-651-9000). Founding partners are Michael Iwasaki, Cindy Kurman, Lee Barrie, Winson Tang and David Wong.

For more information about Newsline360, and to register for a newsroom or media membership, please visit the website at www.newsline360.com. Follow the NEWSLINE360 newsroom at www.newsline360.com/newsline360.

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