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Franciacorta Closes Expo Milan with a Toast to a Great Success!


Six months of the world exposition come to an end with 21,000 bottles served and over 145,000 visitors to the Franciacorta Wine Bar.

Franciacorta Expo MilanMilan, 29 October 2015 – Franciacorta, Official Sparkling Wine of Expo Milano 2015, closes the World Exposition with immense satisfaction and pride on the part of our producers. The numbers say it all: over 145,000 visitors to the Exposition visited the Franciacorta Wine Bar during the six months and 21,000 bottles were opened for them. The Franciacorta Consortium and its producers have achieved great results in terms of promotion, and the Franciacorta Wine Bar made 1.5 million euros over these six months.

Franciacorta really made the most of the Expo Milano 2015 experience, promoting the various types of wine and its wonderful territory to a varied public. In a single event, Franciacorta has completed a long and passionate journey to make its name known to different cultures, nationalities and regional and social origins.

“We are very satisfied” confirmed president Maurizio Zanella, naturally the numbers are an initial positive result but above all it was an opportunity to meet a huge number of Italian and foreign consumers and that has really made our hard work over these six months worth it. We stepped out of our circle of employees and fans to make ourselves known and liked by people who had essentially ignored us until now – that was the real success of our presence at Expo Milano 2015.”

The Franciacorta Wine Bar along the Decumano was also the venue for events that attracted the attention of opinion leaders, VIPs, fans and a broad public interested in discovering all the secrets of Franciacorta.

Expo Milano 2015 is getting ready to close its doors and so is the Franciacorta Wine Bar. What will remain however is the knowledge that all Franciacorta communication has been injected with a burst of enthusiasm and a policy of greater awareness and conviction will continue in this department, given the positive reactions received during these last six months in Milan. Franciacorta’s journey has only just begun!

The Consortium for the protection of Franciacorta is a body that monitors and guarantees the correct production of Franciacorta; the first Italian wine exclusively produced using the in-bottle refermentation technique to have been awarded Guaranteed and Controlled Designation of Origin, in 1995. The Consortium has a varied role: from protection of the brand and territory to improvement of the product through continuous focus on regulating production and the production process itself; from providing information to the consumer to promoting Franciacorta as representative of a whole territory, wine and production method. Founded on 5 March 1990, the company headquarters is located in Erbusco the very heart of Franciacorta. The Consortium is chaired by Maurizio Zanella and is composed of 113 wine cellars.

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