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Grapevine Disease Educational Series


by Judit Monis

Armillaria infected vineyard- note the circular pattern of affected vines being replaced by weeds
Armillaria infected vineyard- note the circular pattern of affected vines being replaced by weeds

Eurofins STA lab has developed an exciting on-going education seminar series for 2015 and hope you had a chance to join us. If not, it is not too late as the last of the series is scheduled for November 19th and registration is open to the public by clicking this link.

The educational program is available via internet (webinars) and complements articles written throughout the year that are relevant to grape growers as well as wine makers.

The first of the series was held on March 12th and focused on fungal and bacterial trunk pathogens.  These pathogens are a threat to the vineyard’s health and cause important diseases in grapevines. At our laboratory we apply traditional microbiological methods combined with molecular techniques for the rapid and accurate identification of grapevine pathogens. Ultimately, the information helps apply preventative and/or curative methods to avoid disease.  The educational and informative session showcased symptoms and description of fungal pathogens associated with the different trunk disease complex to help the industry recognize early stages of disease and apply preventative and control measures.

Is this vine infected with Grapevine red blotch or Grapevine leafroll? The only way to know is to test at our lab
Is this vine infected with Grapevine red blotch or Grapevine leafroll? The only way to know is to test at our lab

The second session was held on May 14th and focused on Grapevine Red Blotch Disease. Grapevine red blotch associated virus (GRBaV) was described in 2012 and has been detected in vineyards in USA and Canada.  Due to the similarity of foliar symptoms it is likely that GRBaV infection was confused with leafroll disease or other disorders that cause reddening in red fruited grape varieties for a long time.  Our webinar updated the audience on the financial relief available when replanting GRBaV infected vineyard blocks. The USDA program is still in effect and requires testing a minimum of ten vines per block.  Our lab developed methods to allow the detection of GRBaV year-round but fall is the best time of the year to correlate symptoms with the presence of virus.  When collecting samples from each vine please provide a shoot or cane cutting with leaves attached, keep track (mark it with the corresponding vine and row number) and label each vine sample separately.  We are able to test composites of up to five vines (one cutting per vine). We are able to note the sample’s symptoms in the analytical report if leaves are provided with each cane portion.

The third session was held on August 20 and update the industry on Grapevine Registration and Certification (R&C) Program) and nursery clean planting stock. The California R&C Program is under revision to take into consideration the discovery of Grapevine red blotch associated virus.  A panel of industry and experts will be gathered to make recommendations on testing procedures, testing frequency and planting distances between certified plantings and non certified vineyards.

To wrap up the series, the final webinar will be held on November 19th. The focus of the last presentation will be an update on Grapevine Graft Transmissible Diseases: Management and Control.  Grapevine disease-causing organisms may be present and established in the vineyard or spread from neighboring vineyards. The webinar will provide information on symptoms of graft transmitted diseases and aims to help vineyard managers and growers manage, control disease, and prevent the spread of disease causing agents.

Recordings of all these webinars can be downloaded and viewed by clicking the link: http://www.eurofinsus.com/sta-laboratories/grapevineplant-disease/grapevine-disease/

If you wish to be placed in our mailing list to receive links to the upcoming webinars please contact Dr. Judit Monis ([email protected]).

Our philosophy is based on superior customer service focused on educating growers and nursery personnel to understand vineyard health issues.  We are staffed with plant pathologists and technical personnel who are well versed in grapevine fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases.  Please contact us at or visit our website: www.eurofinsus.com/grapevine-testing

Information about Eurofins STA

Eurofins STA Laboratories (located in Gilroy, California) offers a wide menu of services to the viticulture industry including bacterial, fungal, and viral diagnosis as well as disease elimination using meristem tissue culture. The lab holds all necessary permits to operate and process samples California, continental / USA territories, and foreign origin and quarantine areas in California.  Our website is a resource with articles and information on grapevine diseases- please click on the link:  www.eurofinsus.com/grapevine-testing Judit Monis (Plant Health Services Division Manager) received a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and has over 20 year experience working on the detection and elimination of graft transmissible pathogens in important crops.

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