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Cork Supply Group Purchases Technical Cork Facility in Portugal


Promises to Raise the Bar for Technical Cork Quality

Jochen Michalski, Cork Supply Founder and President
Jochen Michalski, Cork Supply Founder and President

November 3, 2015 – São Paio de Oleiros, Portugal —The Cork Supply Group (CSG) has purchased a facility in Portugal for the manufacture of technical corks including champagne corks, micro 1+1s, traditional 1+1s, and micro-agglos. This expansion into the production of technical corks fits seamlessly with the company’s philosophy of vertical integration from forest to bottle. Since CSG oversees the harvest and production of their natural cork every step of the way, all remaining cork materials from that production are of very high quality. Now CSG will be able to manufacture technical corks with 100% of these high quality remaining raw materials, making the new facility an integral part of the company’s commitment to high quality standards and environmental stewardship.

To oversee the development and production of this facility, the Cork Supply Group has hired a seasoned team comprised of an Executive Director, Antonio Bastos, and a Production Supervisor, Manuel Antonio Ferreira.  Antonio and Manuel have over 40 years of experience in the production of technical corks and will help transform the Cork Supply 4 (CSP4) facility into one of the world’s most advanced technical cork factories.

About Cork Supply

For more than three decades, the Cork Supply Group has been redefining quality through innovation, superior service, and expertise. The company offers premium closure products to the global wine industry, including natural corks, technical corks, bartops, Nomacorc® synthetic corks, tin and polylaminate capsules, wirehoods and foils, and screwcaps. In addition, the Group offers labels from the award-winning Studio Labels, as well as traditional handcrafted, custom-finished French and American oak barrels and Creative Oak alternatives from their state-of-the-art cooperage, Tonnellerie Ô.

The Cork Supply Group is a Lean and ISO-certified producer of premium wine closures and luxury cooperage products. The Group operates production facilities in all corners of the globe, including the United States, Europe, Australia, Argentina, China and South Africa, providing services to wineries in more than thirty countries. See more at: www.corksupply.com



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