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New Magazine the Clever Root Debuts at Napa Valley Film Festival


Available on Newsstands in November, the Print Quarterly Highlights the World of Growables

Clever Root IssueLOS ANGELES; (October 9, 2015)—The Clever Root, a new print quarterly magazine by the publishers of SOMM Journal and The Tasting Panel magazines, will launch at the Napa Valley Film Festival at the Opening Night party on Wednesday, November 11 and the Festival Gala on Thursday, November 12. The Clever Root is a chef- and farmer-focused magazine that will feature editorial on the world of growables including gourmet food, wine, beer and spirits, as well as a mainstream voice on the cannabis industry.

“Cannabis, legal in four states and counting, deserves a place at the table alongside wine and spirits. The Clever Root highlights insightful editorial on cannabis as an agricultural product and its impact on the food, beverage, and hospitality industries,” says Publisher and Editorial Director Meridith May.

Chef Daniel Patterson graces the cover of the first issue and in the magazine pages readers will find articles exploring the intersection of food and fragrance, cannabis cocktails, agriculture, and more. A recurring Op-Ed from the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce delves into the future of regulated cannabis in Colorado and beyond.

“As the cannabis industry continues to flourish, we’re seeing policy and legislative changes paving the way for legal, safe, and thriving cannabis commerce,” adds May. “We’re excited to be at the cusp of this booming business.”

Guests of the Napa Valley Film Festival can pick up copies of The Clever Root at the main spirits bar at the November 12 Gala, hosted at the Lincoln Theater.

For subscriptions, email [email protected]. The digital version of The Clever Root plus original content will be found at TheCleverRoot.com.

About The Clever Root:

From the veteran publishers of Tasting Panel Magazine and SOMM Journal comes The Clever Root, a new quarterly magazine serving up cutting-edge culture for the curious mind and palate. Through informative stories, enticing recipes, gorgeous photography and expert perspectives, The Clever Root offers insight and inspiration about everything good that grows, from produce to livestock to wine and beyond—including a smart, educational look at the growing cannabis industry.

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