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It’s Wine Wednesday; Put on Your Slippers and Pour Yourself a Glass of Wine and Meet the Characters of “Sipping with Slippers”


A very different kind of wine review show!

Sipping SlippersSomewhere in Wineland- September 30, 2015 – Sipping with Slippers (www.sippingwithslippers.com), a different kind of wine review show has officially launched on YouTube for this Wine Wednesday.  Meet the characters – Original Sip, Over Sip, Sneaky Sip and their loyal dog, ‘Gewürztraminer the Wiener Dog’ as they travel through the wonderful world of wine.

Episode One: Sipping With Slippers; Sparkling Wines and Bruts


This is the very first episode of ‘Sipping with Slippers’. Meet wino #SneakySip (making the intro) and hear funny winos #OriginalSip and #Oversip with their unusual reviews of sparkling wines and Bruts. Today they are drinking, from British Columbia, Canada, a ‘Tantalus Sparkling Natural Brut’ along with another BC wine- a ‘SummerHill Cipes Brut’, “Sparkling Natural Brut”, named “Sparkling Wine of the Year” 2014 All Canadian Wine Championship and from the great Napa Valley, a ‘Chandon Brut Sparkling Wine’. You will also see the winery dog sneak into this episode without a formal introduction; meet #Gewürztraminer the #wienerdog.

Episode Two- Sipping With Slippers; Red Wines from Spain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DieQ7YRhsZg

The team is back – #Originalsip, #SneakySip and #OverSip, the winos that don’t claim to be experts, they just love wine. They review three red wines from Spain, all affordable for the average wino, with the highest priced bottle, a ‘Bodegas Muga Reserva 2011’ selling at just $26.  “You might not be able to buy happiness but you can always find the money to buy wine and that is happiness in a bottle.” The second bottle is ‘Castano Solanera 2012’, a special limited-production wine and the third bottle is a ‘Borsao Tres Picos Garnacha 2012’ – all great wines from Spain.

Meet the Sipping With Slippers Characters

Original Sip

The original wine drinker in slippers; been doing so for decades. They always say do what you love and this lady loves her wine and a cozy pair of slippers. She prefers a good red wine; a merlot or a nice Italian if one is around. She loves to have fun, laugh and dance (but as you can see she is not a great dancer).

She may be older – but just like a fine wine – has become better with age! 

Sneaky Sip

Just like her name says – this one has the fastest hands in town when it comes to sneaking a glass of wine or two without being noticed. She knows more about wine and winemaking than the rest of the team and is always there to correct them when they say something wrong.  Once you have heard a few episodes you will know she is a big Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin fan and would have loved to been alive in their era, “swimming on the floor” with them.  She often quotes Frank, with her favorite line being – “I feel sorry for people that don’t drink, because when they wake up in the morning, that is the best they are going to feel all day”.

― Frank Sinatra

Over Sip

True to his name, Over Sip has a tendency to over-sip and over-pour.  He has some great one–liners that make him memorable in each episode.

He may stumble, he may fall over, he may mutter and he may spill – but he is always in his slippers with a glass of wine – usually one in each hand!

As he says – that is his favorite wine pairing – one in each hand!

Gewürztraminer the Wiener Dog

What can we say; he is our winery dog and loves to hang out with the winos. He knows that Over Sip may spill a little cheese and crackers occasionally and he is always happy to go on an adventure with his pack.

About us:

Sipping with Slippers – a very different kind of wine review show!


Love wine and love drinking in your slippers?

Learn about wine in the comfort of your own home in your favorite pair of slippers. Get wine reviews from the Sipping with Slippers winos and their guests.

Meet our characters Original Sip, Sneaky Sip, Over Sip, Gewürztraminer the Wiener Dog and special guests!

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