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Fonts and Shapes, Their Perception on Buyers


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In last week’s blog I wrote about how color affects the consumer’s perception of products, this week I am focusing the influence of fonts and shapes on perceptions.

Choosing the right font is important, as consumers will react to fonts either consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes they know that they like or don’t like a font, while other times all they know is that they feel uncomfortable and they don’t want to read any more, though they don’t know why.

It’s not only the font selected but also the size of the font that affects readers. In an article entitled, The Psychology of Fonts, Emily Matthews writes, “Larger fonts convey insecurity, suggesting that the author feels a need to fill the page. Smaller, more minimalist fonts are more successful choices for powerful messages.” It rather reminded me of the idea that if you want people to really listen to you don’t raise you voice, lower your voice.

Ms. Matthews goes on to say, “The use of more than two fonts on a page is generally excessive and should be avoided…” Though when using two fonts, use two that are distinctly different but complimentary, bringing energy to the page.

When designing a logo, the shape is very important. The Canadian company Colourfast presents information what different shapes mean to buyers.

Circles, Ovals, Ellipses represent

  • Positive, Emotional Message
  • A circle can suggest community, friendship, love, relationship and unity
  • Curves of any sort tend to be viewed as feminine in natures.

Squares & Triangles

  • Straight edges logo shapes suggest stability and may also be used to imply balance
  • Straight lines and precise shapes also impart strength, professionalism and efficiency
  • Triangles have been seen to have a good association with power, science, religion and law.

Vertical & Horizontal Lines

  • Our subconscious associates vertical lines with masculinity, strength and aggression
  • Horizontal lines tend to suggest community, tranquility and calm

If you are creating a new logo, label or other promotional materials, there is a lot to think about before you come to a final decision. Even if you draw the label or logo yourself, get some help from a graphic artist who has experience in your field to help you finish it off. It will definitely pay off in the long run.

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