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Diam Bouchage Continues to Expand to Meet Demand for Closures


Third Closure Plant Ensures Supply Can Meet Worldwide Demand

Diam new plantMODESTO, Calif. (July 23, 2015) – To meet the growing demand of winemakers and winery owners around the world, Diam Bouchage has announced the opening of a new plant in the Pyrénées-Orientales, adjacent to the company’s main office in France.

With this new plant, Diam Bouchage will purify an extra 3,600 tons of cork flour, enabling the company to increase production to 2 billion closures annually.  Currently, the company produces 1.3 billion closures each year. The new plant has an integrated 300m² laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technology and geared towards innovation. Diam Bouchage built its success on a revolutionary closure solution that guarantees no cork TCA (releasable TCA < the measurable limit of 0.3 ng/l).  While France remains the main market, accounting for 30% of sales, Diam is significantly developing its international market with a presence in 42 countries around the world including in the Unites States. The company recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

Earlier this year, G3 Enterprises, the sole distributor of all Diam products in the United States Canada and Mexico, announced the completion of a series of upgrades to its cork room to boost its capacity to produce high-quality Diam closures. Improvements made to G3’s cork room included the addition of five new single head printers which have the ability to print over one million corks per day. Also, a new coater was added to improve application consistency and efficiency.  With the upgrades, G3 can now handle a batch range from 6,000 to 20,000 corks; improve coating application; ensure appropriate coating quantity; and reduce potential for mixed cork.  All the work is performed in a controlled processing room at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

“We are proud to represent Diam products.  The closures are perfect for the wine market to safeguard wine and to assure a consistent aging process,” said Mihailo Panovich, VP of Sales for G3 Enterprises.  He added, “Given Diam’s cork technology and expertise, we are very confident in the product quality for our customers.”

About G3 Enterprises:

G3 Enterprises, a leading packaging and logistics company for wine and spirits, is the sole distributor for all Diam products in the United States.  It was founded by the third generation of the Gallo Family to serve the wine and spirits industry with quality packaging products and supply chain solutions.  With a talented team of experts offering customers a variety of creative solutions and outstanding customer service, G3 Enterprises offers a wide range of supply chain assistance including labels, closures, transportation, warehousing, and mobile bottling.  For more information about G3 Enterprises, visit: www.G3enterprises.com or call   1-800-321-8747.

About Diam Bouchage:

Diam Bouchage is a leader in manufacturing technological cork closures wines including Diam for still wines, Mytik for sparkling wines and Altop for spirits. A leader in the manufacturing of technological corks, Diam Bouchage is a subsidiary of Oeneo, a group dedicated to serving the wine industry. Visit: www.diam-closures.com for more information. Each year, the company sells more than three billion closures around the world.  Its sales figures are set to reach 102 million euros in 2015.

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