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Keith Kunde Becomes Controlling Partner in Kunde Family Vineyards


Dirt Farmer & Company Add to its Portfolio

Dirt Farmer and CompanyJune 11, 2015 • KENWOOD, CA In a move that once again unites the family business, Keith Kunde has become the President of Arthur Kunde & Sons, Inc. (AK Inc.). Both Wildwood Vineyards and the Kinneybrook Ranch vineyards will be added to Dirt Farmer & Company portfolio effective immediately.

Arthur Kunde & Sons Inc was established in 1973 by Catherine, Bob and Fred Kunde to farm the home ranch, Wildwood Vineyards. They went on to purchase the Kinneybrook Ranch, the adjacent ranch to the family homestead, Wildwood Vineyards in 1976 and converted that to vineyards. AK Inc owns the Kinneybrook Ranch and is the farming company for the family vineyards. Prior to leaving the family business to form Dirt Farmer & Company in 2005, Keith worked alongside his dad and uncle, Bob and Fred Kunde in the vineyards.

Keith Kunde, President AK Inc., “I’m looking forward to getting back to the land my father, uncle, grandfather and great grandfather farmed. This is something that I’ve been working towards over the last ten years and I’m very excited to have this opportunity.” 

Family patriarch, Richard Kunde, “I’ve always said that Keith would own the ranch one day—I’m thrilled. With his prior successes, he will do a great job farming the land, and, he will return it to the Wildwood Vineyard name. But most important, he will keep it in the family.” Marty Peterson, Vintage Wine Estates, “Keith Kunde and the Dirt Farmer team are premier Wine Grape Growers in Sonoma County. Dedication, hard work, and viticulture intelligence propel this well-orchestrated vineyard management company to grow high quality wine grapes.”

Dirt Farmer & Co is currently working with 69 growers in the Sonoma Valley area, in addition to managing over 8,000 olive trees, a 97 acre wetland project, wine grape pomace removal for 10 wineries and the annual production of 3,000 yards of diVine Compost. Contact Keith Kunde at Dirt Farmer & Co should you have questions or are looking to purchase grapes for the 2015 harvest.