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Sonoma State Cellars Adds Zinfandel to Its Wine Portfolio

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Sonoma State Cellars Adds Zinfandel to Its Wine Portfolio

Sonoma State UniversityRohnert Park, CA (June 10, 2015) – On Saturday, June 20th, Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute will celebrate its fourth vintage of Sonoma State Cellars (SSC) with a release party at Timber Crest Farms in Healdsburg, CA. This release marks the inaugural addition of Zinfandel to the SSC portfolio, currently comprised of Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and a Cuvée.

The Wine Business Institute has partnered with Kokomo Winery to offer the Zinfandel, Pinot Noir and Cuvée and St. Anne’s Crossing for the Sauvignon Blanc. Both wineries have donated the wine to the Wine MBA Experience Course throughout which students gain hands-on experience in brand development, marketing and the execution of a release of a wine. Dylan Karahalios, a 2012 graduate of Sonoma State’s Wine MBA program, took a leading role in the creation of the course and Sonoma State Cellars founding vintage with Kokomo. “I am thrilled and proud to see Sonoma State Cellars in its 4th vintage!” says Dylan, adding, “Kokomo has been such an amazing partner through this venture, I can’t wait to see this blossom into something even larger one day.”

This year’s release, the final offering from Kokomo Winery, includes the Cuvée and Zinfandel, and will be available for order and pick up at the Sonoma State Cellars Release Party and Alumni & Community Celebration at Timber Crest Farms on Saturday, June 20th, from 11am – 1pm.

For more information and to RSVP to the Sonoma State Cellars Release Party click here.

About Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute:
Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute is located in the heart of California wine country and was created through a public-private partnership between the University and the wine industry. It offers a B.S. with a concentration in wine business strategies (since 1998), an MBA with an emphasis in wine business (since 2008), and an executive MBA in wine business (since 2012).  In addition, seminars and an online Certificate in Wine Business Management prepare students and industry professionals on topics such as accounting and finance, wine sales and marketing. Its faculty members are published experts, active researchers, and requested presenters on pressing industry topics locally and around the world. The Wine Business Institute operates within Sonoma State’s School of Business and Economics, a fully accredited AACSB institution. Learn more at sonoma.edu/winebiz.

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