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Wine on Tap is the Green Thing to Do This Earth Day


New infographic from Free Flow Wines highlights the environment benefits of wine on tap. Free Flow Wines is Bay Area and California Green Certified, more than 4,285,564 wine bottles have been saved from U.S. landfills to date

WineOnTapGreenInfographicNapa, CA, April 20, 2015—Ordering a glass of wine on tap is the green thing to do this Earth Day. Free Flow Wines, the pioneer of wine on tap, today unveiled new waste reduction numbers highlighting the green aspects of wine on tap in stainless steel kegs. In conjunction, Free Flow Wines unveiled their latest sustainability numbers and a new infographic, titled ‘Greener, Fresher, Better,’ that showcases the green benefits and lower carbon emissions that wine on tap in a stainless steel keg offers.

“There is a 96% reduction in the CO2 footprint with reusable stainless steel kegs,” said Free Flow Wines Co-Founder and CEO, Jordan Kivelstadt. “With more than 3,900 locations in the U.S. offering wine on tap there is a tremendous amount of packaging and solid waste that has been eliminated from our landfills and we are proud of that accomplishment.”

The company also announced today that they are now Green Certified by both the Bay Area Green Business Program and the California Green Business Program. Free Flow Wines complies with the environmental regulations that distinguishes small businesses that protect, preserve and sustain the environment. In addition to their environmentally friendly stainless steel kegs, Free Flow Wines has a state-of-the-art water reclamation system that recycles 99% of all water used by the company.

“Being green is core to our company and we are honored to be Green Certified,” added Kivelstadt. “The key to our sustainability numbers really is our stainless steel kegs. With a paltry 31.6% recycling rate for plastic bottles, most plastic kegs end up in a landfill. Our steel kegs are THE most sustainable, environmentally friendly way of serving wine on tap.”

Free Flow Wines’ kegging and logistics services have brought more than 220 premium wine brands to the taps of more than 3,900 restaurants, hotels, sports, and entertainment venues nationwide. To date, the company has removed more than 4,285,564 wine bottles from U.S. landfills, equaling more than 6.5 million pounds of trash.

Across the country, businesses are embracing wine on tap as the new way to serve wine. On example is the Neapolitan style restaurant, Brick + Wood in Fairfield, CT. Brick + Wood exclusively offers wine on tap and has 30 taps offering a variety of premium wines. Owner Clara Cavalli says, “We go through 70-80 kegs per month and in just 5 months of being open we are proud to say that we’ve saved more than 10,400 wine bottles from the landfill. Our customers are incredibly receptive to the quality and the freshness of the wines and they love to know that each glass of wine on tap also helps the environment.”

Each Free Flow Wines keg holds the equivalent of 26 wine bottles and each keg that goes into distribution will save 2,340 lbs. of trash from the landfill over its lifetime. The company currently has over 80,000 stainless steel kegs in their fleet.

Wineries are also realizing the environmental benefits of wine on tap to their business. As Bob Blue, Founding Winemaker of Bonterra Organic Vineyards says, “We believe wine on tap offers the best of all worlds; convenience, freshness and environmental consciousness. Bonterra is excited to be launching our first offering in a keg, a Sauvignon Blanc made with organic grapes.  We are constantly looking to innovate and improve the way we deliver our wine to our customers, as well as do what’s right for the environment, and wine on tap allows us to do just that.”

The Free Flow Wines kegging equipment was custom built for placing fine wine safely into kegs and their state-of-the-art facility has been vetted by the wine industry’s most sophisticated quality control teams. Premium wine in the Free Flow kegs never sees oxygen so it’s guaranteed fresh and there is no wasted wine. Free Flow Wines currently fills more than 9,200 kegs per month for wineries and distributes the kegs to thousands of venues around the country.

For a list of the premium wines available through Free Flow Wines: http://bit.ly/1np1mP6

About Free Flow Wines

Free Flow Wines is the pioneer of premium wine on tap and delivers the world’s wine brands to the taps of restaurants and venues nationwide. Free Flow Wines’ kegging and logistics services have allowed the wine and hospitality industries to move away from bottles to a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of serving wine on tap, while maintaining wine integrity from the barrel to the tap. Free Flow Wines was founded in 2009 and has more than 220 wine brands in kegs, such as Frog’s Leap from the Napa Valley, King Estate Winery from Oregon and Diseno from Mendoza, Argentina. Their clients’ wines are offered to a variety of restaurants, premium hotels, sports and entertainment venues nationwide. The company is located in Napa, California, and you can find them online at FreeFlowWines.com, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr @FreeFlowWine.

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