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Ranch Systems Introduces RX30 Weather Sensor Expansion Unit


RX30 Weather Sensor Expansion UnitApril 9, 2015, Novato, CA – Ranch Systems, a leading provider of monitoring and control solutions for growers, is now shipping the RX30 expansion unit worldwide. The RX30 is a “drop-in” expansion board that allows the Davis Vantage Pro series weather stations to connect directly to the Ranch Systems RS300 node, without the need for additional radios, batteries or solar panels typically provided as part of the Davis weather station. It enables Davis users to upgrade to the added functionality of Ranch Systems without having to replace their weather stations. It also enables Ranch Systems users to easily add a low cost weather station.

With a single cable connecting to the RS300, the installation is simple and quick. To convert an existing Vantage Pro wireless weather station, the RX30 board replaces the wireless transmitter inside the white enclosure. It is also compatible with the weather stations deployed by PureSense and allows for an inexpensive, fast conversion. For growers who invested in PureSense technology and the Davis Vantage Pro series, the RX30 is a low cost solution to upgrade to the Ranch Systems suite of monitoring and control solutions, opening the door to additional applications and hardware options.

The new device uses RJ style connections for standard weather station sensors. For more detailed data, wind speed is provided as ‘Real’, ‘Average’ and ‘Max’ over a sampling period, which is typically 15 minutes and user configurable. It has two extra/auxiliary screw terminal connections with selectable power and resistor networks for connecting to a variety of third party sensors (e.g. pressure switches). The only prerequisite for the RX30 is having an RS300 with Port 5 (standard analog/ digital port) available on this device. Using the Ranch Manager software, the set-up of the device is a straightforward, four step process.
“Ranch Systems is proud to offer the RX30. It is another example of how we can integrate disparate technologies found on a farm into a single, state-of-the-art monitoring and control solution. We intend to keep leading the way by providing technology and innovations that enable growers to be more efficient and productive in their farming operations,” states Jacob Christfort, President and Founder of Ranch Systems.

Ranch Systems is a fast-growing, technology company focused on wireless solutions for field monitoring and control in agricultural and environmental applications. Its patented technology is unique in terms of its modularity and the breadth of solutions possible: from a single weather station to sophisticated meshed networks monitoring and controlling the entire growing and irrigation operation, including options like remote camera surveillance and property access control. Ranch Systems is an established leader in the California market and is currently expanding world-wide. For more information, contact Mike Bauer at 415-827-7880 or visit www.ranchsystems.com.

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