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Kutrubes Travel launches wine tour in Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria. 


Kutrubes TravelDiscover a region which has been honing its winemaking skills for thousands—yes, thousands—of years. This rich tradition of Balkan wines, a secret which has been largely unknown to Western palettes, has begun to gain recognition among mainstream wine connoisseurs.

Balkan wine producers are no strangers to this concept. A New York Times article from Sep. 22, 2010, titled, “Macedonia, the Lure of the Grape,” lauds Popova Kula Winery founder Jordan Trajkov for his vision of building a thriving Macedonian eco-tourism industry based on the country’s stellar wineries.

Kutrubes Travel has joined forces with Mr. Trajkov and other premier winery owners, from Macedonia to Greece to Bulgaria, to offer travelers an unprecedented cultural wine-tasting experience in a region which may safely be considered one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.

The tour begins in Skopje, Macedonia, and makes its way to the hidden lakeside gem of Ohrid, taking in medieval buildings, archaeological sites, and even an old bazaar. Guests will enjoy wine tasting at some of Macedonia’s premier wineries, including Bovin, Stobi, Tikveš, and, of course, Popova Kula. Guests will also have the opportunity to take a riverbank walking tour, bicycle around scenic vineyards, join a local ornithological club guide for birdwatching, hike to ancient fortresses, and more.

Next, the tour will take in city of Melnik, Bulgaria, to witness historic hillside architecture and natural sandstone pyramids before visiting several small, high-quality wineries. This region has been active in wine production for nearly 8,000 years and was mentioned by Homer in both The Iliad and The Odyssey. From here, the adventure continues to the Greek cities of Drama and Thessaloniki; along the way there will be no shortage of archaeological interest—including the largest tomb ever found in Greece, believed by some to belong to Alexander the Great—as well as ample opportunity for wine tasting.

Kutrubes Travel specializes in off-the-beaten-track tours that satisfy the most curious and discriminating traveler, with customized itineraries that are tailored to the interests of both individual and group clients. Balkan experts since 1905, Kutrubes has the experience and regional understanding to make a trip to the Balkans insightful, personal, and memorable. The Balkan region is just beginning to blossom as a top-choice tourist destination. Now is the time to visit, while this area can still be considered Europe’s hidden treasure!



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