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Alarm for Harmful Corks in USA, From Italy a Patent of Cork Micro-Conglomerate without Adhesive


Sughera, conglomerate with thermoplastic polymer, is fully recyclable and is the answer to the concern of substances considered potentially carcinogenic

BrentaPackIt comes from Italy the answer to the US alarm against micro-conglomerate corks containing substances considered potentially carcinogenic. The patent of the company Labrenta based in Vicenza says in fact no to polyurethane adhesives in the corks. Sughera is the line of closures that are made from a mixture of thermoplastic materials that, thanks to a particular compacting/conglomerating agent, are able to conglomerate and effectively hold the cork particles in contact with alcoholic liquids for a long period. This type of closures, the result of 10 years of Italian research and manufactured completely in Italy, contain thermoplastic polymer and are therefore fully recyclable. They are made from a granina cork quality, perfectly sterilized in order to remove possible contaminants. The patent Sughera allows to say <<stop>> to the contact of the adhesives with wine. The company Labrenta based in Vicenza has already opened the doors to the US market, where the product is distributed through an agreement with Bruni Glass.

This patent made in Italy is the alternative to conglomerate corks, which are under the analysis of the Food & Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, which have raised concerns on the adhesive used for the production of these caps and the risk that it may contain a chemical compound, the toluene diisocyanate, which is suspected to be a potential carcinogen.

The research of the Italian company could become important in this context. Each year in the United States, there are more than 350 million bottles with conglomerate corks, although there are no reliable data on how many and which companies use this substance in their production cycle.

The incessant pursuit of quality is the main goal of Labrenta who made of the high level of its products its greatest strength. The company is constantly dedicated to achieve the highest standards of quality, using instrumentation and control equipment of latest generation. In line with all regulations which rule the production of materials for food, the company got in 2000 the certificate Iso 9004, which describes a company’s productivity of excellence. Labrenta is also certified UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.




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