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Labelling Machine Designed for the USA


Launching the BenchDELUXE designed specifically for the USA wine industry.

BenchDELUXESacramento Unified Wine & Grape Symposium 28 January 2015; What is different about the USA wine industry is that most wineries do not use bottles with a Cartouche in the surface like say the French and Eastern European markets.

Also, the majority of the USA wine industry doesn’t apply an award medal or medallion label over an existing labelled bottle.

Therefore, to suit the USA market, Great Engineering Pty Ltd has designed and manufactured a model called the BenchDELUXE which is based on our BenchMAX but without the feature of over labeling. Like our other models this machine is set to become the benchmark for the industry.

Peter O’Brien owner, designer and CEO of Great Engineering said that this Industrial semi automatic labelling machine will:

  • Save on wasted labels.
  • Save on set up time.
  • Reduce down time.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase profit.

With the BenchDELUXE you should expect to label a wine bottle front and back, pack and seal the carton at a pallet per hour. This is the speed that Peter O’Brien can do. This is also the comfortable packing speed that Australian wine makers say they achieve.

With the BenchDELUXE you should reduce your double handling by 2 – 3 times while increasing your throughput.

The BenchDELUXE is unique in that it will label a range of bottles from the smallest desert wine bottle up to a Jeroboam without needing to adjust anything.

For 23 years our labelling machines have serviced the wine industry and are considered the strongest of all labelling machines. We are proud of the fact that we offer the longest and best warranty.

If you are an existing owner of our BenchMATE and would like to trade up to the BenchDELUXE then we will offer you 80% trade in for your BenchMATE.

Visit us at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium on booth 100 and let me demonstrate how you will save on wasted labels and downtime while increasing your output and profit.

The Scott’s are known for being canny with their money. So, you should ask the question, why would Chivas Regal Whisky in Scotland buy 7 BenchMAX semi automatic labelling machines from way down in Australia? I think you will find that the answer is, because Great Engineering Pty Ltd manufactures the strongest most reliable and accurate labelling machines in the world.


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