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Vicard Generation 7 Begins Scientific Collaboration with French Bordeaux Consultant


Dr. Marie-Laure Murat to determine the relationship between oak wood tannin potential in combination with patented molecular cooking process and wine quality.

Marie-Laure Murat

NAPA, JANUARY 17, 2015-/Following the worldwide launch of their revolutionary tannin potential barrels and presentation of multiple international awards for innovation, Vicard Generation 7 continues to lead the oak industry. Dr. Marie-Laure MURAT, a leading enological research consultant based in Bordeaux, will partner with Vicard Generation 7 to scientifically quantify the relationship between oak wood tannin potential combined with their patented molecular cooking process as well as the effect of tannin levels on aromatic preservation.

About Dr. Marie-Laure Murat

With a master degree in enology, Dr. Marie-Laure Murat, joined Denis Dubourdieu’s research team at University of Bordeaux for her Ph.D which focused on Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé aromas. After completing her doctorate, she joined the Laffort Group and assisted in establishing the renowned SARCO laboratory, which specializes in unique wine analysis as well as research services. While at Laffort and as a member of their research team, she assisted in the development of new enological products. With twenty years of experience in the wine industry, Dr. Murat founded Œnologie By MLM, a consulting and research services firm based in Bordeaux.

About Vicard Generation 7

The philosophy of VICARD Generation 7 is based on the idea that controlling for the high degree of variability in barrels presents a great opportunity. To that end, in 2010 Jean-Charles Vicard founded a research and development company, Esprit de Dryades, with the goal of understanding and controlling all variables in the coopering process. Drawing on 6 generations of oak expertise, paired with strong winery partnerships around the world, VICARD Generation 7 honors the next generation of coopers with a completely new approach regarding wood analysis, selection and toasting and now leads the coopering industry with innovation, reproducibility and eco-responsibility.

For more information about Vicard Generation 7 tannin potential barrels, please visit www.vicardg7.com or contact: Christy Thomas at [email protected] or at 707-228-5982

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