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Oenofrance Expands Their Innovative Winemaking Operations to USA


French Wine Biotech Company Now Directing its Focus Toward the US Winemaking Industry

Oenofrance USAPetaluma, CA  (December 1, 2014) – Oenofrance, the premier French enological laboratory network, developer, and producer of winemaking biotechnology, announced today the creation of Oenofrance USA, LLC, its new subsidiary in California.

Oenofrance, part of the Bordeaux-based Sofralab Group, has spent decades pioneering developments in enology and providing outstanding services and winemaking products worldwide.  With clientele throughout France, Italy, Spain, as well as the rest of Europe, South America, and Australia, the company is now setting its sights across the Atlantic to support the booming, world-renown American wine industry.

“Oenofrance has been supporting and developing enological supplies to ultra-premium wineries in Europe for decades, which has contributed to many of them accumulating awards, recognition and increased gains and sustainability”, said Didier Fages, CEO and President of Sofralab. “Oenofrance USA’s mission is to provide the American wine industry with our expertise, range of products and winemaking counseling by designing personalized protocols using new technologies.”


Founded in 1943, Oenofrance has spent the last 71 years designing specifically-formulated enological and stabilizing products to answer precise issues along the winemaking process. Oenofrance’s most notable contributions to the winemaking world include: the development of the very first yeast specifically selected for the production of aromatic white wines, the production of the first gelatin by enzymatic hydrolysis with unique control of the hydrolysis degree, and designing the protocols for the production of freeze-dried lactic bacteria. Today, Oenofrance continues to revolutionize the world of enological products and winemaking technics by developing a range of biotechnologies that puts emphasis on highlighting the terroir component of each estate they work with and enhancing the aromatic capital of each wine.

The main headquarters of Oenofrance remains in Bordeaux, while Oenofrance USA is located in Petaluma, California.



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