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McCrometer CONNECT TrendView App Launches: Provides Critical Crop Data On The Go

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McCrometer-CONNECT-TrendView-Mobile-App-lowHemet, CA—December 9, 2014—The new advanced McCrometer CONNECT TrendView App from McCrometer conveniently connects growers and irrigators to their fields anytime/anywhere.  The app gives users quick, secure access to important crop and irrigation data via smart phone or tablet to make timely decisions that increase yields, reduce labor costs and support best practice agriculture.

The CONNECT TrendView App is compatible with the suite of McCrometer CONNECT wireless UHF radio and cellular field stations and sensors covering a wide range of critical parameters. With the CONNECT TrendView App wireless irrigation and crop management has never been easier. The app displays soil moisture (multiple levels), depth of irrigation, water use, flow rates, degree days, ET, disease risk, well depth and many other applications. The user friendly app makes critical decisions on-the-fly simpler than ever by enabling growers to leverage their crop data right from their pockets on their Android or Apple® smartphones and tablets.

The CONNECT TrendView App features two useful ways to view data: Trends and Instruments. Instruments display the most recent sensor data in panels resembling real sensors; for example a temperature Instrument looks like a thermometer. Trends show data in graphs that can be customized to combine readings from multiple sensors with an adjustable date range. Trends and Instruments may be organized into Groups to allow for easy access and organization. A simple tap of the screen can also immediately bring up the system’s full addVANTAGE Pro software interface for more advanced data management features.

Providing an easy link to field conditions 24/7, the McCrometer CONNECT TrendView App gives growers added assurance and freedom to effectively manage their farms from any location.

About McCrometer

McCrometer’s advanced flow measurement solutions solve complex challenges in Agricultural Irrigation, Municipal/Industrial Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Process Control, Electric Power Generation and Institutional Facilities.  The company’s products and systems are found in thousands of installations worldwide.  Its products and systems meet many of the world’s most demanding industrial, safety and quality standards.  Visit us on the web at www.mccrometer.com

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