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Wine Bottles as Monuments to the Moment


Edit IMG_6677We have a tradition for wine as gifts, both in the everyday and for very special occasions. Of course we want a wine that tastes good, but especially for the milestones in life, it is perhaps even more important that the bottle reflects the significance of the moment and can last over time, even after the wine is gone.

Brit Lesnett is the Production Manager at G3 Bottle Etching in Napa where they make the vessels that hold wine into lasting pieces of art. “My background is in traditional packaging,” says Lesnett, “and I love working with customers to create something unique.”

Bottle etching became part of the G3 Enterprises portfolio in 2003, and it compliments their full range of total packaging solutions for the wine industry. “We work with both full and empty bottles,” says Lesnett, “our jobs range from one bottle to several thousand.” Besides etching, the facility also does wax dipping, which creates a beautifully finished wax seal around the neck of the bottle.

G3 Bottle Etching produces unique etches for weddings, anniversaries, and holidays, but also reproduces existing label designs for special edition or large format bottles. “One of the big challenges in reproducing labels is to emulate the results of ink on paper with the process that we use,” says Lesnett, “We go through tedious art and color testing to ensure we have a perfect match, and want the approval of the customer before we start production.”

Not every print design can be replicated exactly, and sometimes accommodations have to be made for very fine print and detail, which cannot be done with etching and hand painting. “With etching we are limited to either a raised or lowered surface for detail, and some designs are more suitable for etching than others. Our goal is to be proud of the result and have our customers feel the same way,” explains Lesnett.

Seeing all the bottles on display from past projects at the production facility; it is striking how even the simplest designs take on an additional dimension with the depth of the etching. It compels you to reach out, get that tactile sensation of the cut glass, and confirm that it’s not just an optical illusion.

Etching brings richness to a bottle and provides a brand with a certain timeless quality. The bottle is transformed from a functional vessel to piece of art that can be used for display in a tasting room, auctioned for charity, or given as a treasured gift.

Send Me InfoLocation: Napa, CA
Web: www.g3enterprises.com
WIN Profile: G3 Enterprises

For more information contact G3 at [email protected].

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