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The latest and greatest in highly effective, affordable ozone disinfection solutions for winery and brewing facilities will be front and center at the upcoming North Coast Wine Industry Expo in Sonoma County this December.

ClearWater Tech, the premier designer and manufacturer of ozone systems for the residential, commercial, and industrial water markets, will demonstrate how their state-of-the-art, C1 Mobile Disinfection Cart utilizes dissolved ozone in water to provide superior sanitation for all barrel, tank and production surfaces.

Designed from the ground up for winery and brewing professionals, the C1 Mobile Disinfection Cart is complete with push button controls, separate ozone and gas oxygen outlets and micro-controlled soft start and self-diagnostics to monitor system performance (see demonstration video here:

“Ozone dissipates and is organic,” emphasizes ClearWater Tech Sales Manager Marc DeBrum. “The elimination of caustic substances by using ozone as a disinfecting tool can also reduce water use as there’s no need to continually rinse away harsh, residual chemicals.”

DeBrum underscores the C1 Mobile Disinfection Cart’s ease of use and mobility features. “It can be moved to anywhere in the facility you need ozone or wheeled onto a truck and taken to another building,” DeBrum points out. “That’s true portability; bringing water to the machine and the machine to the task.”

DeBrum affirms ClearWater Tech’s commitment to both introductory and ongoing training on the use of the C1 Mobile Disinfection Cart – and the company’s flexibility with pricing or leasing options.

“We’d be more than happy to set up a appointment for anyone in the area that’s interested in an onsite demo,” DeBrum attests. “We’re the guys who will be there through the whole process and we will insure your satisfaction!”

SPECIAL OFFER – Purchase the C1 Mobile Disinfection Cart by December 31st, 2014 and receive free shipping and training valued at up to $500. Valid for all USA bound shipping destinations.

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