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Øeno Vaults – FLUX™ An Innovative Flow Control Service for Your Customers


Oeno VaultsØeno (ee-no) Vaults is a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly wine storage facility located in the heart of Sonoma County. FLUX™, which by definition means “a continuous flow”, is a new service being offered by Øeno Vaults and offers pickup, cellaring, shipping, and wine club management solutions for all wine buyers.

The ingenuity of the new FLUX™ program serves wineries and consumers alike. For the consumer, it adds up to increased convenience and an innovative way to interact with their wine collection, and for a winery, the service and flexibility offered to its customers has the potential to increase both sales and retention.

“Our focus is on service and adding value for both wineries and their customers,” says Casey Costello, Managing-Partner at Øeno Vaults.  “We’ve worked with both wineries and their customers and have identified pain points and molded our FLUX™ service to solve them.  We’re new on the block so North Coast Wine Industry Expo is going to be a great opportunity for us to reach a wide audience and show wineries what we’re all about.”

For a limited time, Øeno Vaults is offering an introductory, “no strings attached” trial period of their FLUX™ service that wineries can pass on to their customers. With a FLUX™ membership, Øeno Vaults will pick up wine at local wineries, catalogue it, and store it. The customer can then ship on-demand when and where they want it.  Øeno Vaults currently facilitates shipments for their customers to 47 states and many international countries direct.

When the wine arrives at Øeno Vaults, the bottles are inspected, photographed, and catalogued. Once its checked-in and in the system, the member can then manage their wine through FLUX™ Mobile, which is a new and advanced mobile app developed by Øeno Vaults.

Stop by and visit Øeno Vaults at the North Coast Wine Industry Expo to learn more about their services and how FLUX™ can help your business.  You may also contact Casey Costello directly to learn more or get an invitation to come see us at the trade show.

Casey Costello ([email protected])


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