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New Intermodal Rapid Response Storage Tanks from Winesecrets

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winesecretsWinesecrets’ newest service brings mobile wine storage to your door! Harvest time presents numerous challenges beyond the logistics of picking, shipping, crushing, etc. One of these challenges is where to store wine from your previous vintages taking up the tank space needed for your current vintage. Winesecrets President, Eric Dahlberg, working with tank manufacturer Asep Trans, has brought an innovative solution to the table: Rapid Response Storage Tanks.

Each 6300-gallon stainless tank comes in its own intermodal shipping frame for easy transport. The tanks are insulated and equipped with cooling jackets.  You may connect with your current glycol system or you can order tanks with on-board refrigeration systems. The tanks include the necessary gas, electrical, and sanitizing fittings. These tanks can be used as storage for blending, small lot bottling, or for brokering wines that are low cost and need to move rapidly. Best of all, they can be promptly delivered to the bonded site of your choice.

Rapid Response Tanks are set horizontally. They feature man-way access from the top and may be stacked (with some modifications) in order to minimize the footprint of multiple tanks vs limited bonded space. The tanks also feature easy access to product and inert gas ports on the front of the tank.  In addition they have a locking cover for security if stored outdoors.

“I needed tanks for our own facility, but a November delivery was not soon enough,” Dahlberg said. “I had seen intermodals used overseas, and recognized this as the quickest solution for increasing storage without risking quality.”

Winesecrets had 80 tanks to begin with, but with the rapidly growing demand (including creating a temporary tank farm consisting of 56 units), these tanks won’t be available for much longer. Rates for the tanks are based on quantity and duration of rental/lease (3 month minimum).

RRTS Tank Farm

About Winesecrets:  Winesecrets is North America’s leading source of innovative outsourced production services. Headquartered in Sebastopol, CA, they offer Precision Alcohol Adjustment, Proven VA and EA Removal, Premium Grape Spirit Sales, Targeted Taint Removal, Color & Flavor Optimization, Reliable Cross Flow Filtration,  Efficient Tartrate Stabilization (STARS), Mobile Centrifugal Clarification, and Rapid Response Storage Tanks.

For more information, please contact Jim Tubridy, Winesecrets Service Sales Manager, at 707-483-5539 or [email protected], or Whitney Malone, Winesecrets Customer Care Manager, at 707-824-7903, or [email protected]

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