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Exports of Provence Rosé to the U.S. Climb Another 20% by Mid-Year


Consumers drive demand: Nielsen data shows imported premium rosé sales at record highs

Vins de ProvenceNew York, NY – Exports of rosé wines from Provence, the world’s rosé capital, to the United States grew 20% on volume and 26% on value from May 2013 through May 2014, according to new data released by the French customs agency. This increase comes on top of 10 straight years of double-digit export growth in the U.S. market. In 2012 and 2013, for example, Provence rosé exports jumped 41% and 40% on volume, respectively. (See Release Collateral, Figure A)

At the same time, mid-summer figures released by the research firm Nielsen reveal record-high growth rates for U.S. retail sales of imported premium rosé wines (those priced at $12 and above per bottle). For the 52-week period ending June 21, 2014, sales in this category increased by more than 67% on dollars and 55% on volume. (See Release Collateral, Figure B)

“The premium rosé category has grown at double-digit rates in the U.S. for the last decade, and yet these recent Nielsen figures are the highest we’ve ever seen,” said Julie Peterson of the CIVP/Provence Wine Council’s U.S. trade office. “As the global leader in premium rosé wines, Provence sees its long-term, steady export growth clearly reflected in this U.S. retail sales data. Provence wine sales continue to outpace the market.”

The experience of U.S. wine importers and retailers also supports the mid-year export and sales numbers. In an informal industry survey conducted in August by the Wines of Provence U.S. office, responses like these were typical:

This year our [Côtes de Provence rosé] sales were ‘off the charts’…. We were not prepared, and reorders to the supplier were hurried to meet the seasonal demand.”

—Michael Romano, Romano Brands Fine Wines (importer based in Plainview, NY)

As far as a category, Provence is rosé…. Nine out of 10 people want Provence rosé — some because they’ve visited Provence, others because they like the style of rosé from Provence. I see it as a category that continues to expand.”

—Fred Hakim, Fireside Cellars (retailer in Santa Monica, CA)

We have had fantastic growth in rosé sales in the last few years, especially from Provence…. This year the sales have been off the charts…. I sold through everything and had to reorder.”

—Ken Ross, Eddie’s of Roland Park (retailer in Baltimore, MD)

As we were going into August, our rosé sales were up by 25% from 2013. That includes rosés from all over, but Provence is the biggest region for us. That increase really was a big surprise, as the year before we had what we considered an excellent year. Also take into account the fact that this summer the weather was not as hot as normal — so 25% is a huge increase.”

—Ken Mudford, Sherry-Lehmann Wines and Spirits (retailer in New York, NY)

Not only have sales continued to increase, but the average retail price for imported premium rosé also climbed to its highest level — $16.80 per bottle, according to Nielsen. “The pricing data shows that consumers have really embraced high-quality dry rosés like those from Provence, which is the recognized gold standard for the category,” Peterson said.

The Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence (CIVP), known in the United States as the Provence Wine Council, is an organization representing more than 600 wine producers and 40 trade companies from the Provence region of France. Its mission is to promote and advance the wines of the region’s principal appellations. The organization’s members together produce 96 percent of Provence’s Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) wines. More information can be found at www.winesofprovence.com and on social media: facebook.com/winesofprovence, twitter.com/winesofprovence, youtube.com/winesofprovence, and instagram.com/winesofprovence.



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