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Joey Tensley and Alex Guarchi Collaborate to Create tenshən


tenshen bottle shot(LOS ANGELES, CA) 2014 – Tensley Wines owner and winemaker Joey Tensley and TGIC founder, vintner and CEO Alex Guarachi announce the launch of tenshən, a new red Rhône varietal blend from Santa Barbara County AVA . Through tenshən, Tensley and Guarachi collaborate to capture the unique Santa Barbara County regional expressions of Rhône varietals, as harvested at the perfect moment of ripening.

Joey Tensley has a strong following for his acclaimed Santa Barbara County boutique wine label, Tensley Wines. Alex Guarachi, a winemaker in his own right with Guarachi Family Wines, has grown his import, marketing and product development company, TGIC, to become the second largest importer of South American wines in the US over $10.

Guarachi and Tensley share a kindred spirit in their passion for wine and love for family, friends and soccer. They have each independently carved a unique path in the lexicon of winemaking. Now, the two notable industry figures join together to pursue that which is most elusive of all wine characteristics: Tension.

tenshən is a play on words that nods to Tensley’s winemaking acumen and the tension that occurs with harvesting. Tension is a tenacious energy that a wine possesses, inspired by the process of picking at the just-ripe-enough precipice and then getting out of the way. Alex Guarachi and Joey Tensley believe that great red wine is all about tension and the elusiveness of this characteristic. As such, the labyrinth design of the label is emblematic of this puzzle or challenge that winemakers face.

tenshən’s thought provoking Rhône blend is tenacious and alluring. This 2013 red wine exhibits brooding dark fruit that is accented by Santa Barbara spice and completed by a mouthwatering finish. Look to fall 2014 for the launch of tenshən. Wines are priced at $25.

About TGIC Global Fine Wine Company

Founded by Chilean wine visionary Alex Guarachi in 1985, TGIC Global Fine Wine Company is committed to representing the best wines of the world. TGIC is a leading producer, importer and marketer of fine wines, and relies on enduring connections with national supplier, distributor and retail partners to enrich the consumer experience. TGIC was one of the first importers of Chilean and Argentine wines and today represent brands from around the world. www.tgicwine.com.



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