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Clemens GmbH to Design and Produce AgroThermal Equipment


agrothermal systemsDateline: September 8, 2014 Walnut Creek, CA  and Wittlich, Germany – Today Marty Fischer, CEO of Agrothermal Systems and Bernd Clemens, Managing Director of Clemens GmbH jointly announced that they have signed an agreement under which equipment is being designed and manufactured by Clemens for Agrothermal Systems use in the EU and other worldwide markets.

Clemens stated, “We are fascinated by the potential of the Agrothermal patented technology for several promising viticulture applications including reduction of pesticide needs, assuring adequate fruit set and improving wine quality.”  Clemens went on to reveal that they have worked with AgroThermal to establish field trials that are nearing completion in Germany to determine how the technology affects Riesling wine grapes, the primary varietal of Germany.

“Clemens is THE innovator of viticulture equipment in the world today” said Fischer “We are very grateful to be working with them on our next generations of equipment”.  Fischer went on to say that the goals of the next generation of equipment are to produce machines that are grower friendly, easy to operate, durable for agricultural use and flexible for various row widths and planting configurations.

Machine design work has been underway since early June and both companies are planning to produce line equipment for the 2015 Northern Hemisphere growing season. According to Fischer, “the first generation of equipment we have used for trials since 2012 were essentially prototypes. These helped us to understand what features were needed for commercialization of the technology.” According to Fischer “there are other potential synergies between Clemens and Agrothermal that are being discussed”.

Clemens GmbH (www.clemens-online.com) is an engineering and manufacturer of viticulture and other agricultural equipment that are marketed through an international network of offices and dealers.

Agrothermal Systems (www.agrothermalsystems.com) is based in Walnut Creek California and is a dba of Lazo TPC Global, Inc. a California Corporation. Agrothermal has pioneered the use of in-field Thermal Plant Treatment on agricultural crops with a focus on viticulture.



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