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G3 Label Team Thrives for the Perfect Impression in Wine Labels


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G3 Enterprises, the undisputed industry leader in wine packaging solutions, has leaped further to the forefront with a new press, a sustainable wine label, and an innovative cap and labeling system designed for lightly-carbonated wines attractive to millennial consumers.

“We’ve doubled the size of our business in the last four years,” confirms Brendan Kinzie, Senior Director of Operations for G3’s Wine Label Division. “Our strategic focus is to serve the wine and spirits industries; we have grown tremendously in these industries because our talented people and our processes are aligned with our strategy. At G3, we innovate with the end consumer of our target markets in mind.”

That innovation includes the recent acquisition of a brand new Flexo Press, manufactured by Nilpeter in Denmark, with the flexibility and print quality rivaling or exceeding that of offset printing. G3 press operators and engineers worked hand-in-hand with Nilpeter in custom building this new press, and are excited about its capabilities.

“The benefits of flat tooling with this new press are amazing,” exclaims James Stone, G3’s New Business Development Manager. “It gives more creative license to the designers, allowing for a broader range in stamping and embossing, especially for more challenging designs that require special equipment for detailing.”

The Modesto-based G3 Enterprises has been providing superior packaging and supply chain services to the wine, spirits, craft beer and specialty food industries for more than five decades. Its successful wine label division is comprised of technical experts who are there for customers from the design phase through execution.

“Our team will look at a design from a potential customer not only for feasibility, but for cost-savings as well,” explains Brendan Kinzie. “Once that label is printed, we’ll be there on the bottling line for set up too. We’re there for the entire process. We want our clients to know they have a real partner in this business.”

G3 engineers are the co-creators of GTree, an environmentally sustainable wine label that has revolutionized the wine industry with unparalleled wet appearance performance in ice bucket test results.

G3 recently received a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for their GTree PCW label. According to Fred Dale, Director of G3 Technical Services, wineries that use the FSC logo on their labels can now demonstrate to their end-use customer that the material is sustainably produced.

“There’s a significant segment of wine consumers that’s very environmentally conscious,” Dale points out. “As a result, a number of brands focus their efforts on being ‘green.’ The GTree product directly addresses that market niche, while also providing for superior cold box performance.”

G3 has also just introduced GFRESH, a cap and label-packaging solution for lightly carbonated or “frizzante” wines. Its pressure-sensitive design allows for the commercial application of labels to cold, wet surfaces without the complications of cold-glue technology during bottling.

G3’s Labeling Division is gearing up for further expansion and continuing technological advances in the coming decade. According to Stone, the company’s unprecedented success is rooted in expertise, market focus and superior customer service.

“We’re passionate about what we do,” Stone asserts. “We’re primarily focused on one thing – the wine industry. Our engineering and support groups are specific to this industry. I think that’s what makes us stand apart from our competition. These guys absolutely love what they do.”

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