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WhatWineWasThat.com helps Wine Lovers Rediscover that Forgotten Wine


Find wines using your memory

What Wine Was That?NEW YORK – May 21, 2014 – You loved that wine, but you can’t remember its name. It was a white wine, but was it Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon? There was a horse on the label and it had a natural cork. That’s all that you can remember though, so how are you going to find that wine again?

Most people remember visually and much more so than by other senses*. Because of this, many wines are abandoned in our memories.

WhatWineWasThat.com solves this problem with the Find That Wine search tool. By using the visual and traditional characteristics of wine, packaging details, and much more, our users can easily search using these details to find that forgotten wine.

Deborah Liljegren, the founder, knew there was a need for this kind of wine search because of her own experience. “I had a great Côtes du Provence, but could not remember the name. I did remember its cream-colored label with a painting of pink flowers in a field. With WhatWineWasThat.com, we are reconnecting Wine Lovers with the Winemakers. It’s an amazing opportunity for anyone involved in the sales and marketing of wine. They can add any and all of their wines quickly and for free.”

The Search Criteria include:

The Basics – Origin, Vineyard or Winery Name, Year, and Price

The Wine – Color, Fruit, Aroma, and more

The Bottle – Shape, Material, Size, Color, Closure, Adornments, and more

The Labels – Placement, Shape, Artwork, Colors, and more

“We taste many wines and rarely remember their names, so this service hits home for us and our customers. Even when taking photos of bottles, they end up as a useless part of my photo stream that inevitably gets deleted. WhatWineWasThat and old school memory solve that problem.” Richard Talieri, chef/owner of Panza and Anchovies restaurants, in Boston, Massachusetts.

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About What Wine Was That?

What Wine Was That lets users search though more than 100 criteria to find that elusive wine from last night, last week, or even last year. For more information, please visit WhatWineWasThat.com.

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