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AstraPouch Expands Product Lines, Launches New Website


Introduces new durable and eco-friendly pouches, new filling options, and new online ordering for best-in-industry pricing and fulfillment

AstraPouchROCHESTER, NEW YORK; April 14, 2014: AstraPouch® is proud to announce the launch of its new website, www.astrapouch.com. The company has seen tremendous growth in the past year, including a significant expansion of its products. Its signature pouch is now available in sizes ranging from the single-serve 187ml and 375ml AstroMini® to the double-gusseted 3.0L AstroPaq®. AstraPouch® also manufactures a range of filling machines, capable of everything from hand and tabletop filling to semi- and fully automated filling. The products are now clearly represented on the website, and a new gallery beautifully showcases pouches from many of AstraPouch’s® clients.

In addition to presenting its expanded product line, AstraPouch® also completely rebuilt its e-commerce platform for the launch of the new site. Customers can now browse and select products more easily—and enjoy a more streamlined, easy-to-use online ordering process. Dave Moynihan, president and founder of AstraPouch®, says, “We have become the one-stop-shop for wine and spirits alternative packaging and associated filling equipment. As the creator of the stand-up pouch market in the USA, we always want to have the latest innovations for our customers. Now our website is a true reflection of that mission.”

AstraPouch® is poised for further innovation in 2014, with the expected introduction of the AstroFill® 2000, a LowDO2® filler designed specifically for use with mini pouches, and the AstroFill® 5000, a completely automated, purpose-built filling machine for bags and pouches of various sizes. The company is also excited to announce that it is now offering a full line of Bag-in-Box bags, cementing its standing as the go-to resource for alternative wine and spirits packaging.

AstraPouch® is the exclusive sole distributer of AstroPaq® and AstroMini®, the cutting-edge leaders in soft packaging for the wine and spirits industry. The company was started in 2009 by longtime wine and spirits insider Dave Moynihan, a former executive at Constellation Brands and an expert in wine and spirits packaging.



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