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M.A. Silva Crafts Exclusive Bottle for CIRQ Estate One-of-a kind Bottle is First in Industry & Sets New Standards for Glass


MA SilvaSanta Rosa, CA – Sonoma County based cork and glass manufacturer M.A. Silva USA is known for innovation and leading the way in industry standards. In partnership with Michael Browne, a founder and winemaker of Kosta Browne Winery, Neil Foster and M.A. Silva have created something very special in the industry for Browne’s newly launched high-end Pinot Noir brand, CIRQ Estate. Browne selected Silva as a trusted partner to create the unique custom mould as well as providing high quality corks for the project. Silva president Neil Foster says, “Having worked with us for years, Michael needed the highest quality standards for this undertaking. Together we saw the vision; we designed and manufactured this new bottle for him handling all aspects of the project.” The result is a unique design that fit the needs of the brand.

“As we were reviewing and considering packaging for my new project, we were looking for a bottle that reflected the intensity and elegance of the wines.  Nothing on the market at the time was to my liking. Working with Neil and the team to define that look and feel to complement my wines was a true joy. I couldn’t be happier with the final result.  It’s unique, elegant and timeless”

The M.A. Silva USA name is synonymous with award-winning products, customer service and innovation winning awards in both public and private domains. They have been awarded accolades for their work in both cork and glass.

About M.A. Silva USA:

Based in Sonoma County California, M.A. Silva USA is a leading manufacturer of premium natural corks, glass and packaging for North American markets. Its quality-assurance program ensures unmatched visual, mechanical and sensory characteristics of its products. The company operates on 100% solar power and is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly operations, for more information visit www.MASilva.com or call 877-689-7676.

The cork – glass connection also makes perfect sense to Foster who says, cork manufacturers understand the importance of the connection and function of the two products working together successfully. Their innovative glass offerings include proprietary moulds for consistent quality, cork-to-bottle fit assurance and in factory quality control 24/7.

CIRQ PinotAbout CIRQ Estate:

CIRQ Estate is the latest creation from Michael Browne. While he is still very active in the day-to-day winemaking at Kosta Browne, CIRQ Estate is a new project developed by and cared for by Michael. His vision for CIRQ first took shape several years ago when he discovered what he considers to be the best sites in the best region within a region for Pinot Noir, the western hills of the Russian River Valley. Michael was introduced to these vineyards by Charlie Chenoweth, who is now a partner in CIRQ. Charlie planted and manages both of these vineyards. He made the commitment at that time to pour all of his available resources into developing these sites to produce exceptional Pinot Noir. Production is and will remain small for the simple reason that CIRQ is an estate-driven program with limited acreage. For more information about how to acquire the wines, please visit www.cirq.com.



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