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Vicard Generation 7 Ergonum® Casks Wins 2 International Awards for Innovation in Design & Safety


Vicard G7 Ergonum CaskNAPA, FEBURARY, 2014 – Following the worldwide launch of their revolutionary tannin potential barrels, Vicard Generation 7 continues to be at the forefront of innovations in the barrel industry. Awarded the Prix à l’Innovation at VITeff and the SITEVI Palmarès de l’Innovation for the revolutionary redesign of a traditional cask, the Ergonum ® incorporates multiple design changes enhancing worker safety and efficiency.

The Ergonum® moves all winemaking functions to the front allowing winery staff to work from a safe position without the use of catwalks. The cask sits at an incline with a flat bottom allowing lees to collect toward the front rather than the middle. The drains and bung hole, traditionally located in the middle of the cask, have also been moved to the front. This eliminates the need to crawl beneath the tank for pumping and cleaning or unsafe reaching across the tank when filling. The service valves have been redesigned to eliminate elbow joints which can harbor bacteria and are difficult and time consuming to clean.

The Ergonum® from Vicard Generation 7 is available from 10HL up to 60HL or can be modified with a top hatch and larger door for fermentation.

For more information about the Ergonum or Vicard Generation 7 tannin potential barrels, please contact: Christy Thomas at [email protected] or at 707-228-5982.

About Vicard Generation 7

Founded in 2009 by Jean Charles Vicard (CEO and owner of the Vicard Group) Vicard Generation 7 works in collaboration with the research and development company Esprit de Dryades, independent labs, universities and the world’s top wineries with one unique goal: leading the coopering industry with innovation, reproducibility and eco-responsibility.

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